Love Me Times Three

Tonya Ramagos
Love Me Times Three


Release Date
September 2008
Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance, Romantic Comedy

Cayman Porter is happy with his life. Great career, nice home, plenty of women. What more could a guy want? Love? As soon as a woman utters the L word, it's time to move on. But he soon discovers his satisfying life and womanizing ways aren't so satisfying to one particular love goddess.

A love of equal parts, that's the spell the Goddess Freya cast on Cayman. Someone to love him equally by the powers of three. But karma proves to be a pain when the only woman on Cayman's radar already shot him down more times than he can count.

Alexis London's had enough of womanizing pigs but not enough that she's found the strength to swear off men. If only she didn't enjoy them so much! Still, there's one pig she's managed to avoid for over a year. Lucky for her, he's never really put on the charm. Until now.

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