The Gay Canterbury Tales, The Tale Of The "Miller" And The Village Idiot

Kem Austin
The Gay Canterbury Tales, The Tale Of The

GKRS Publishing
Release Date
July 2011
Book 1 of The Gay Canterbury Tales

A humorous tale from a new Gay version of the Canterbury Tales? Author Kem Austin manages just this, and wonderfully, with his delightfully humorous and ribald story of The "Miller" And The Village Idiot, a rewrite of Chaucer's classic tale, only this time with a definitely Gay theme.

For Donny, a slightly mentally impaired young man, life with his girlfriend, Sandra, isn't easy. She's abusive and mean, to say the very least. Her mother, Jenny, is no better. However, there is a third person in the house, Nigel, husband to Jenny, and stepfather to Sandra. He alone seems to genuinely care for Donny, to respect him, and to defend him.

But what chance do they have against two such dominant and nasty women? You might be surprised, for not only tables, but even a worm or two can turn when pushed far enough. Read this modern-day, Gay version of a classic from Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.

If you like things Gay and humorous, you'll love The Gay Canterbury Tales, The "Miller" And The Village Idiot. Short Story.


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