Stephanie Burke
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Changeling Press, LLC
Release Date
January 2012
Book 2 of Colors of love
LGBTQ, Multi-cultural/Multi-racial Romance, Paranormal with Romantic Elements

What's a Fae to do when his get up and go -- won't? Entropy is plagued with a nightmare of unbelievable proportions. He wants to... he needs to... but his one-time best friend and long-time companion of a mighty sexual organ just hangs limp looking down at his feet. There has to be a reason why and he's going to discover it or someone's going to get hurt.

Alothos, Lord of Death, is ready to claim his mate... if only he could find the stubborn Fae. He gave Entropy years to mature, grow, and sow his oats, but now it's time for him to take his place at Alothos' side. Only Alothos can't seem to locate his lost Fae and Death's patience is coming to an end.

Book Review by Valentina Heart (author,reviewer)
Jul 05, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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GRAY is the second book in a series and really fits under the acquired tastes label. There is plenty of humor and I'm sure there is an audience out there just ready to discover and appreciate this author's style when it comes to writing. As for me, I just couldn't get into it.

The very introduction is somewhat long and centers on the introduction of one of the main characters as well as a sex scene between what appeared to be the two MCs from the first book in the series. I really didn't see the point in that long first scene that was barely related to the rest of the story, and in addition it seemed very confusing.

That is the main tone of the rest of the story as well. Long debates and banter between characters that are only related to the story and a rather weak connection between the main characters that results in a happy ending.

Entropy has a problem where he can't get an erection and is very worried because of it since he's never before had the same problem. He goes around looking for the reason as well as a solution with his mother, brother and the like. On the other side we have Alothos, the Lord of Death and Chickens, who has been celibate for 200 years while he waited to claim his mate while the said mate got the excessive sexual energy out of his system.

It's not difficult to connect the reasons behind the first problem and the main actor in the second drama, but all the extra events in this short story really try one's patience and the ending result when it comes to the romance simply doesn't seem worth it.

I'm not familiar with the author's previous work or the first book in this series, so I can't speak generally, but this particular story didn't offer anything to me except humor, and at the end of the book, that just wasn't enough.
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