habu; Sabb; Shabbu


Cyberworld Publishing
Release Date
January 2013
Action/Adventure Romance, Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ, Ménage or more, Reality-Based Romance (TM)

Rough and ready tapioca plantation manager Duggan has always preferred young blond twinks who he can overpower and control. But when he arrives in Thailand to manage an upcountry plantation, with periodic visits to the male brothels of Bangkok, he learns that he likes even better small, submissive, boyish Thai men who he can overpower and control. On a visit to Washington, D.C., to document his company's plantation operations, Duggan falls under the spell of a sexually refined Thai, Amnad, who he first encounters in a men's club sauna. Duggan discovers his Bangkok hotel is nearly next door to architect, opera set designer, and minor royal, Amnad's canal-side Thai-style compound.

After overcoming the competition from Amnad's U.S. Army black major lover, Duggan moves into Amnad's compound and his bed, where he finds that the casual sexual environment he finds with Amnad extends to the willing servants. The one impediment to Duggan having found paradise on earth is that Amnad raises a pack of small, yappy Chinese crested dogs that he's having trained for dog shows. The dogs drive Duggan to distraction, and when he unexpectedly comes into full possession of them, he seeks to find them new homes after having fulfilled Amnad's dream of taking one or more of them to the winners' circle at an international dog show.

Young Australian plastics manufacturer and dog show judge, Jason Fielding, appears in Bangkok to both make a business deal with Duggan's company and to judge an international dog show. Although both men are coming off painfully broken relationships, when they meet they have an immediate attraction to each other. The chance they will ever find each other sexually, though, is seriously challenged by misunderstandings and the sexual maze of attempted bribery by a gaggle of grasping pedigree dog owners hoping to influence Jason's dog judging decisions.


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