The Truce

Maxine Marsh
The Truce
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Noble Romance
Release Date
April 2012
BDSM, Erotic Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Sarah is next in a long line of women charged with preserving a precarious truce. Her township lies on the edge of the Split Forest, a sinister wood where an unknown threat to her people lurks. What it is exactly, no one speaks of, leaving her to face the unknown alone and vulnerable on the night of the full moon. On that same night, her faithful husband, Jonah, also finds himself face to face with the truth—that the dark cure of their people is not what it seems. Will Sarah be able to keep the evil at bay, or will she give in to its irresistible draw? Will Jonah be able to protect his wife, or will he, too, be drawn into the truce?

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Jun 07, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Are you one to sacrifice for the greater good? Would you be willing to be taken to the dark woods to keep the peace your village needs?

Women are chosen every full moon as tribute. The woman is always a married woman. Those chosen come back different. No one speaks about it. No one prepares the women or their husbands for the tribute. No one talks about it and no one rebels.

Sarah is the latest one prepared for the truce offering. She's bathed and then hauled off naked by two men from another village. This is all while her husband and several other men watch her being bound and thrown into a wagon. Sarah ends up in the woods tied to the trees and whipped. Not too long after, a monster arrives and has his wicked way with her. Sarah now knows what happens to the women given as a tribute and she can't get over it. Why? Because her deviant sexual desires have been taken to heights she can't replicate with her husband. Joseph, on the other hand, is keeping a dark secret he's afraid to share with Sarah.

Neither the conflict nor secret in this story is really much of a surprise. Still it was something I enjoyed. I only wish there was more forced sex and deviance. The scenes were glossed over too quickly for me.

Both characters were easy to understand. I understood Sarah's desires and her needs. Watching her attempt to fit back into the normal society was sad to watch. What I am happy about is her husband standing by her and taking action to meet her needs. Joseph is a caring and loving man most women would love, especially when his secret is revealed.

Overall, this story was smexy and enjoyable. I recommend this story to paranormal romance lovers who enjoy a little bit of animalistic deviance.
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