These Arms Of Mine

Judy Lynn Hubbard
These Arms Of Mine


Harlequin Kimani
Release Date
January 2012
Contemporary Romance

Two years ago Alesha Robinson had quickly ended a relationship with Derrick Chandler before it had a chance to develop. In so doing, she had earned his wrath. When her brother embezzled 100,000 from Derrick, Alesha went to plead his case and to her surprise Derrick informed her that he wouldn't prosecute her brother—if she agreed to marry him.

Derrick made it crystal clear he neither expected nor wanted any emotional entanglements with her and she felt the same way; however, whenever they were in the same room together and especially when they touched, smoldering passion each had thought long ago extinguished flamed to life. Derrick soon found out that revenge was a double-edged sword and his proclaimed antiseptic business agreement with his new wife was anything but. Can they find a happily ever after together?

"What if I told you that I wouldn't press charges against your brother?" His unexpected words halted her rapid departure.
Had she heard him correctly? She turned and her puzzled eyes encountered his enigmatic, serious ones.
"What did you say?"
"I think you heard me."
"Don't toy with me."
An arrogant half-smile turned up the corners of his mouth at her chastising tone.
"I never play, unless I choose the game and am assured of victory."
She believed him; he was a man used to getting his way--always, except once with her. She slowly walked back until she was standing in front of his desk again.
"You're serious about letting Robert off the hook?"
"Yes, deadly."
Something in his tone worried her, yet she stood her ground. She had the feeling she would regret her next question; however, she had to ask it.
"What do you want in return?"
He stood and slowly, deliberately walked until he was standing in front of her, so close that their bodies were almost touching.
His eyes roamed over her from head to toe, leisurely. "I want you."


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