Tristan's Temptation

Sabrina York
Tristan's Temptation
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Ellora's Cave
Release Date
May 2012
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Why resist the Temptation?

The red-hot sequel to Adam's Obsession.

Tristan Trillo has one steadfast rule—thou shalt not fish in the company pond. That puts his executive assistant Shannon Weiss firmly out of reach. He tells himself the secret steamy computer simulations he creates—ones featuring a seductress with more than a passing resemblance to Shannon—are enough. But watching the virtual Shannon get spanked or tied up, taken from behind or while down on her knees, just makes him want the real Shannon more.

When Shannon discovers the depth of Tristan's desire, she vows to seduce him in real life, his rule be damned. After a blazing, illicit tryst in Tristan's office, he insists they can never do it again. So Shannon, ever the obedient assistant, makes certain the next time she seduces him, they do something completely different.

Poor Tristan is a man trapped between his steadfast rule and a burning passion. A rock, if you will, and a very hard place.

Book Review by Jen B (reviewer)
Jul 09, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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The sequel to Adam's Obsession was almost too hot to handle, but that just makes you want to hold on a little bit tighter!

Tristan Trillo was not happy when his brother picked his woman from the office pool. They've had one steadfast rule for years: No fishing in the company pond! So while Tristan is happy for his brother and can see how in love he is, he still sticks to the rule. Okay, so maybe he bends it just a bit. Fantasizing about his assistant and making up hot, steamy scenarios on their virtual world platform isn't really breaking the rule. And one erotic, amazing bout of sex in his office, which he swore was never going to be repeated, wasn't really breaking the rule, now was it?

Shannon Weiss has had the hots for Tristan since she interviewed for her job. She fantasizes about the things he could do to her and makes up scenarios about them in the same virtual world platform. When a computer mix-up gives them both the chance to peer into each other's desires, it's like setting a match to gasoline--an explosion of passion ignites. However, every time something happens, Tristan tells Shannon it cannot happen again and this starts to wear on her. But when he takes her away for a weekend cruise, she is sure things are looking up, until he shows her once and for all that they will never have a relationship because he doesn't want anyone to know he broke his rule. When he walks away, Tristan has no choice but to either give her up or find out that rules really are meant to be broken.

I am such a huge fan of Sabrina York. I have never read a book of hers that made me want to skip pages and this one was no different. I wondered for a while if Tristan would ever come to his senses and at the end if Shannon would come to hers but that is part of what holds you to the book and keeps you reading. The characters are so well written that you can completely empathize with what they are going through, although at some points I wanted to shake Tristan for the way he was behaving. Another fantastic read from Ms. York – I can't wait to read Jack and Sara's story next!
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