Killer Appeal

BL Bonita
Killer Appeal


Noble Romance Publishing
Release Date
June 2012
Erotic Romance, Historical Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Falling in love can be a dangerous thing.

Liv Erichsen is destined to remain unmarried. With two fiancés found murdered on her property, what man would risk falling in love with her again? In walks Mason Davidson, a handsome devil without a clue to her tainted love. Liv knows she should avoid him, and yet his bold promises set her senses afire, and she cannot help but consider his daring proposition.

A con and a womanizer, Mason did not come to Valhalla Estate to redeem himself. Then again, he's never met a woman quite like Liv before. She's spirited, intelligent, and drives him crazy with lust. He gives her an offer she cannot refuse. But, as desire turns to love, Mason finds himself a killer's target. Trouble is he doesn't know who wants him dead—a jealous lover or a cold-hearted woman?
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