A Pirate's Prisoner

Victoria Davies
A Pirate's Prisoner
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Liquid Silver Books
Release Date
March 2012
Historical Romance

Being a pirate is a dangerous trade but the rewards outweigh the risks. Or so Captain Natalie believes when she captures her nemesis, the privateer Captain Reece. Bound and at her mercy, Natalie thinks she's finally taken the upper hand in the duel with her seductive enemy. After all, there is no denying Reece makes an excellent addition to her bed, especially chained to her headboard.

When Reece turns the tables on her, Natalie discovers the cost of her gamble. She struggles to stand strong as Reece seeks to take his vengeance in the most pleasurable of ways. But even pirates have hearts and despite her best efforts, Reece is quickly stealing hers.

Their games come to an end, however, when an enemy ship is sighted. Natalie must convince Reece to trust her with the command of their ship and his refusal could cost more than just a broken heart. It could mean all their lives.

Book Review by Bridget (reviewer)
Jul 20, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Get ready for a whirlwind of peril, passion and daring exploits on the high seas. The two beautifully created main characters and the lifetime of history between them really made this book for me, and kept me turning pages through every adventure they dared for love and glory.

Years ago, Natalie and Reece shared a night of passion that neither could forget. But in the morning, they realized the truth of their circumstances: Reece is a privateer with a royal letter of marquee, while Natalie is the notorious pirate known as Captain Nate. Since then, the feud between these two has become the stuff of legend. When Natalie and her crew manage to sink Reece's ship and take his men prisoner, it seems like she has won at long last. Reece is chained to her bed, and apparently at her mercy—but nothing is ever that simple between these two.

Though the heat and tension that has been building between them is irresistible, Reece will do anything in his power to avenge his men and their lost ship—even if it means turning the tide on his lovely captor. For both Reece and Natalie, this is the only relationship that has ever challenged or satisfied them, but so long as they are on opposite sides of the law, there is no hope for a future—is there? When an enemy ship is spotted on the horizon, it won't simply be the ship that Reece and Natalie are called to defend.

There were times in this book where the plot felt a bit contrived, but it was saved consistently by the strength of the two lead characters. Natalie has the daring and the quick wits to lead a band of pirates, and I consistently admired her courage and determination in fighting for what she wanted, be it a Spanish treasure or the surrender of Captain Reece. For his part, Reece is a heroic captain who commands the absolute loyalty of his men and the fear of all other sailors on the seas. He is relentless and tenacious about avenging the sinking of his ship, and equally as ruthless in breaking down the barriers that Natalie has built around her heart.

Beneath their titles and their facades, however, these are two deeply lonely people who have turned to the sea because they simply had no other place to call home. In each other's arms, their titles and their histories fall away, and all the magic of their first meeting comes flooding back. Most of all, I think, I loved Reece's sweet little nothings. No matter how tough or ruthless you are, there is something about a pledge of genuine, eternal devotion that make everything so much more powerful.

I enjoyed this story most when it was simply Natalie and Reece exploring each other—in every sense of the word. The heat these two generated was scorching, but their growing honesty was as revealing and exhilarating, especially considering all that was at stake. In the end, I loved Natalie's final challenge to Reece. Their showdown was a fitting end to their battle, and while the ending was quite convenient, it was the happy ending that Natalie and Reece had earned and fully deserved.

I did have some issues with this book, but its strengths absolutely outweigh its weaknesses. Natalie and Reece are a terrific pair, and absolutely better together than they are apart. Their histories are well drawn, and the secondary characters who fill the crews of both ships round out a fun, adventurous story that ultimately won my heart.
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