Billion Dollar Weekend

Cheri Verset
Billion Dollar Weekend


Cheri Verset
Release Date
April 2012
Erotic Romance

Eavesdropping on taxi conversations isn't ethical. But when Gary hears about an ultra special promotional code he can't help but trying it out with his gorgeous roommate Veronica with whom he's secretly in love.

Before they know it, they're being whisked away to Vegas by a mysterious billionaire, having sexual adventures along the way!

Some of the world's most powerful people are coming together for the hottest orgy in the country. While Gary wants to get into the swing of things with the hordes of beautiful people, he keeps getting drawn to his roommate.

Will they have sex together? Will he ever confess his love?

Billion Dollar Weekend is an erotic romance novella (17,000 words) and a rags-to-riches story. In spite of the scorching action, it's a tender love story between two endearing characters...
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