Hard to Break

Bella Jewel
Hard to Break
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St Martin's Press
Release Date
October 2015
Contemporary Romance

Quinn has spent her whole life working in her dad's garage, leaving her more comfortable with a carburetor than a curling iron. Her world is turned upside down when her beloved garage is bought by none other than world famous, sexy as sin, custom car builder, Tazen Watts. He's the one man she can't stand...even though he makes her hotter than a high performance engine in top gear.

Tazen has no use for Quinn, at least not professionally, and he's making sure she knows it. But there's a spark between them that she's finding hard to ignore. She's determined to prove her talent is as impressive as her sassy mouth. When she finds out Tazen is hiding a secret that could bring down his career and everyone involved in it, she wonders: is falling for him is going to be worth the risk?

*This book is a standalone that contains a HEA*

Book Review by debra taylor (reviewer)
Oct 05, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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HARD TO BREAK is another outstanding read from Bella Jewel! It's second novel in the Alpha's Heart Series but it can be read alone if you've not discovered the absolute joy that is a Bella Jewel story.

This series keeps getting better. I really loved this one. Quinn was a sassy but anguished heroine, a unique character who was an ace mechanic, running her own garage and taking care of her alcoholic dad. There was a family tragedy; emotional strings sure to pull at my heart. Then along comes Tazen Watts, celebrity builder of custom cars, and an arrogant jerk who buys out her garage, taking away the one anchor in her life. Quinn was righteously mad at Tazen, so she loses it for a while. Things get rough between these two but there was always the overwhelming attraction that they couldn't fight.

Bella Jewel kept the edge from beginning to end in this story. The plot was loaded with drama, conflict and scorching hot sex. I'm talking melt my Kindle love scenes that Bella Jewel does best. It was well written with characters that were believable since they had things in common besides the sizzling chemistry. It was certainly fast paced and delightful to read. It's Four Flying Stars for HARD TO BREAK!
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Book Review by BJ (reviewer)
Nov 13, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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3.5 "Mechanics Join Forces" Stars.

Lovers of tough heroines and enemies-to-lovers plots will not want to miss HARD TO BREAK. Sporting a tomboy heroine who is more comfortable in overalls and under the hood of a car than she is in a dress and lipstick, HARD TO BREAK provides an interesting contrast to many of the heroines that dominate the contemporary romance genre. The hero, however, still conforms to the alpha hero paradigm that most romance readers are accustomed to, which of course means that when you combine the two strong personalities, you get some explosive interactions.

Quinn grew up in her father's garage. As soon as she was old enough to handle tools, she was helping her father fix cars, and he was more than happy to teach her the ropes. Then tragedy struck and her mother dies of cancer. They are both devastated, but her father turns to the bottle rather than to Quinn to cope with the loss. Soon Quinn finds herself both running her father's garage on her own and taking care of him each night after he comes home severely drunk and unable to care for himself. It truly is too much for any one person to handle and the garage starts slipping into crushing debt. Quinn, however, remains determined to hold on to the last piece of her mother, and the happy family she was a part of before she passed away.

Until the arrogant, and very well known, custom race car builder, Tazen Watts sets his eyes on Quinn's garage. He may be a god in the car building world, but no way is Quinn going to give up her garage. Tazen meanwhile is equally skeptical that anyone other than his own trained mechanics, especially a woman who makes him think of many other hot things--none of which have anything to do with cars--could ever possibly be good enough to work on his custom built cars. Who will prove determined enough to prove to the other that their viewpoint is the correct one? Moreover, with the mutual attraction between these two, even if it is equally sparked with animosity, and conviction to prove the other wrong, could Quinn and Tazen ever find a compromise that will allow them to find a mutually beneficial professional and personal relationship together?

I have to admit that I had some trouble connecting with these characters. Although Quinn had good reason for being angry at the world, she just seemed a little too angry with men in general. And again, I get it, it's not easy being a woman in a profession that is overwhelmingly male, but there was just something a little unbalanced in the way she handled some of these situations. I also love arrogant alpha heroes just as much as any other romance reader, however, the first few scenes in which Tazen appeared he was just a little too arrogant to be likable. Tazen did eventually win me over though, seeming confident but still likable from about the mid-point of the novel onward. However, after their inauspicious beginnings, I had some difficulty believing the love connection later.

All that said, I do love a tough as nails heroine, and Quinn definitely fits that bill. I also love seeing women shine in professions that are male dominated. So notwithstanding my reservations, I am happy I read HARD TO BREAK, and I look forward to reading more of Bella Jewel's works.
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