So Not a Cowgirl

Starla Kaye
So Not a Cowgirl


Blushing Books
Release Date
June 2011
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Western Romance

Tanya Montrose was sexually harassed by her former boss and falsely accused of ruining his marriage. Men are seriously on her bad list. She is forced to find a new job, in another town, at least for a while. Her best friend insists she go with her to Kansas so she can work temporarily for her handsome, somewhat domineering brother on his ranch. If she didn't need the job so badly, she'd refuse. The man gives all new meaning to the word "hot." She doesn't need that kind of temptation after what she's gone through. And he doesn't want her there, even if he needs a good accountant, which she is. Plus he tells her that he has a lot of rules and time schedules…and that she will be expected to follow them or face consequences. Consequences? That doesn't sound good. But she's desperate. For now.

Drew Weatherford is worn out from the stress of working his dude ranch, dealing with his new animal rescue foundation, and trying to keep up with the ranch books. His sister shows up with her friend and informs him Tanya is the answer to his bookkeeping problems. Maybe so, but she's more temptation than he wants anywhere around him. She's the exact opposite of his two ex-wives and so not his type of woman. Really. Not his type. His body doesn't believe that. His record with women sucks. He doesn't want another one complicating his life. No way, no how. But, damn, she really needs this job. And she barely blinks at his mention of her facing "consequences" if she screws up or doesn't follow his rules. A month. He'll give her a month.


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