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August 2011
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Dylan Band loves women, but after his ex-fiancée cheated on him, he has decided to create rules to avoid getting hurt again. He plans to stay commitment and pain-free. If he can have a wondrous one night with a woman, that's good enough. When Frappuccino-addict Angel McCready comes to stay in the condo he shares with her grandpa, he knows how to keep his heart well-guarded from her charm and still flirt with her.

Coming to Seattle, Angel expects to find a relaxing down time. To get away, to forget that she nearly married a man with horrible secrets. What she doesn't expect is to find that's she'll be sharing the condo with a delicious tour guide who must have majored in flirtation, who reads to her to help her sleep and has made her forget about everything with a simple smile.

Their flirtation escalates to a mind-blowing erotic sex. In two short weeks, their time together becomes an addiction. Night and day, they share wondrous times together. Angel is an aphrodisiac Dylan begins to fall in love with. They're perfect. But there is one problem. Dylan is not what he presents himself to be.

Book Review by Tiffy (reviewer)
Aug 24, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Looking for a hot read with steamy sex? How about a novel with not one, but six sexy alpha male hunks?

Meet Dylan Band, who writes romance novels under the pen name of Dee F. Bennett and is a part owner of an Italian restaurant called the Pink Door. After a nasty breakup, Dylan developed five rules of relationships. Whenever he turns on his computer, they scroll across the screen.

One: Flirt, fuck, but run when feelings start to get involved.
Two: Forget love. It only happens in romance books. It's bullshit.
Three: Don't exchange cell phone numbers. Just give a phony one.
Four: No sharing of personal information (leads to a relationship and then fucking heartache). Keep your secrets. No matter what.
Five: Women are a distraction. Who needs them?

Aren't rules meant to be broken? Isn't Dylan setting himself up for failure?

Angel Cloud McCready is showing off her designer bridal gown while her best friend, Bianca, reclines on the sofa eating ice cream. A bride is said to be doomed if she wears her complete wedding outfit before the big day. Angel should have paid closer attention to that old superstition. While Angel is putting the dress away, her best friend is channel surfing. Bianca stops to watch a show that targets pedophiles and outs them on TV. Imagine the horror for Angel and Bianca when one of the pedophiles shown is Angel's fiancé, Willy. Oops, shouldn't have put on Willy's mother's white gloves to complete the bridal outfit!

Manfred, Angel's white knight and grandfather, rides to the rescue. He's been trying to get her to visit his condo called the Pink Door in Seattle, and with all the uproar, Angel agrees. Angel flies in a day early and has to walk forever to get to the condo because of street closings. Desperately wanting a Starbucks, Angel closes her eyes, trips and falls. It seems like she's been walking for days, but finally she arrives at Manfred's condo. Only instead of being a condo, the Pink Door is actually a restaurant. Sinking onto a chair in the foyer, Angel closes her eyes and relishes the cool and quiet room. Then the fun begins. Dylan appears and the interaction between the two main characters is priceless and worth plunking down your credit card.

Dylan is smitten, but there are those pesky five Rules that must be obeyed. Not to mention that the only people who know about Dylan's writing career are his family members. Unfortunately for Dylan, his brothers, Marley, Morrison, Tyler and Hendrix, along with cousin Tony, aren't governed by the Rules. And yes, their mother deliberately named her sons after famous musicians!

When the gang of six gets together with Angel, the air turns blue from the foul language and you can't keep from laughing at the wicked banter! It's a free for all with all the guys trying their best to impress Angel. Will anyone win the fair damsel's heart? Will Dylan throw out "the Rules" and tell his secrets?

It's one of the most creative and lively novels that I've had the pleasure to review! HINT…HINT… I'm hoping that Angel's castoffs are going to appear in future novels.
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