Hounded By Love

Pia Veleno
Hounded By Love
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Loose Id
Release Date
May 2012
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ

Bas Korbas has more friends than he can count. The lead singer of Hecate's Hounds has a voice that melts men and women alike. He never goes home alone, and rarely has a moment to himself when away from his bed. Despite all of the attention and the success of his band, Bas feels alone, stuck on the outside, looking in, waiting for someone to come and make him whole.

Reed Parker likes his quiet, secluded life in his mountain home tucked away on the outskirts of town. He's not looking for love, just peace. When Bas "The Hound" Korbas storms into his life, and ignores the brush offs and explosions that have, without fail, driven other men away, Reed must decide if he should build his walls higher, or let Bas pull them down.

Book Review by Bridget (reviewer)
Jul 13, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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HOUNDED BY LOVE was a welcome surprise, with an emotional depth that was quite unexpected. Though uneven in places, I was drawn into this moving story about two men who have hidden behind aspects of their pasts, and finally have a chance to put aside their fears and embrace the redemptive power of love.

It's taken months of hard work, but Reed Parker is at last able to work from home, ensuring that he will be able to keep to himself in his dream home in the woods outside town. He is relishing the idea of a quiet life, when the sight of a man in the parking lot of the local grocery store suddenly makes him wonder if there isn't a certain person with whom he could share that solitude. It's a nice fantasy, but there isn't a chance that Reed could make a relationship work with anyone, let alone the gorgeous, dangerous looking man outside.

Sebastian Korbas is used to people flocking to his side. As the lead singer for Hecate's Hounds, he's used to drawing men and women alike with his voice and his sexy swagger. But lately, that attention hasn't held the same charm. He wants someone who will love him for who he really is—not the makeup and the music. So when he spots a handsome stranger petting his dog, Daisy, a stranger who runs away despite the obvious tension between them, Sebastian is intrigued.

Following the man to his mountain retreat, Sebastian quickly realizes that the connection he felt with Reed was not an illusion. In spite of the difference in their personalities and careers, neither can bear to be apart once they finally meet. Reed only knows Sebastian as the man who arrived on his porch with his dog and his motorcycle, and adores him just the same; Sebastian's touch calms Reed's constant fears, and very nearly convinces him that he can let down his guard around this man. But can a man who has suffered so long, and never trusted another person learn to love a man who lives in the spotlight?

Sebastian is a charmingly conflicted character who really grew on me. Weary of his sultry, bad-boy rock star image, Sebastian is trying to reclaim a bit of his own personality through the course of this book. It shows in his love for his dog, in his appreciation for the simplest aspects of Reed's quiet life in the woods, and most especially in his dogged determination to get closer Reed, to get under his brittle, skittish exterior. It's clear that Sebastian has found something honest and true in his relationship with Reed, and will accept nothing but honesty from him in return.

Reed's past is indeed tragic, and explains a good deal about his behavior toward Sebastian, but the explanation came so late in the plot that I didn't have enough time to digest it and reassess his character. I was very happy that Sebastian was patient enough to see through Reed's façade, as it certainly yielded spectacular results, but there wasn't enough information provided over the course of the story to make me as willing to do the same. By the story's close, I was hopeful that Sebastian and Reed would find a way to make their relationship work, but there was still a lot of past history, on both their parts, to overcome.

My perception might also have been colored by the fact that a lot of the happier moments during Sebastian's stay with Reed are glossed over somewhat. Though they are referenced, there is a lot more telling than showing, and it would have balanced out the rougher moments if there had been more happy times for the reader to remember. Because there is no doubt that Sebastian and Reed are wonderfully compatible, and the physical chemistry between them is hot enough to make the pages start smoking. Those moments together made the whole book for me, and were touching as well as passionate.

I fell almost instantly for Sebastian (and Daisy), and watching the way he brought Reed out of his shell was really moving. This is a deceptively deep, emotional journey for a very unlikely pair, and, though uneven in places, I was still drawn in to the heat and passion of this story and I'd be interesting to see more of Pia Veleno's work in the future.
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