Joan Swan
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August 2013
Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Jessica Fury, Washington lobbyist, has money, connections, and her own firm. But five years ago she had something better: happiness. Her firefighter husband, Quaid, was handsome, courageous, and crazy about her. Then one day he walked into a chemical inferno—and never walked out. Jessica has been through hell to get back on her feet. And then a rumor surfaces that could bring a miracle or shatter her world—again.

Q has been a prisoner forever. He's honed his mind and body into weapons. He's developed abilities no one else understands. But he's still at the mercy of a cabal of ruthless men, who blank his memory, test him like a lab rat, and tell him lies. Although his past has been erased and his future looks grim, instinct tells him he has a woman to live for. What his mind can't remember, his body can't forget. . .

The heat is on.

Book Review by CozyReader (reviewer)
Oct 29, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Will Quaid be the same man when they thought him dead? Will he ever regain his memory? Will Jessica be able to love the man he had become?

RUSH was a rush of emotions, especially the emotions that I had when I thought about Quaid. I could not believe the amount of things that the government had done to him, and not only to him but also to Cash and his family, especially Mateo, Cash's son. The torture that they endured because some psycho Senator wanted to have troops with paranormal capabilities. This story captivated me from the very beginning till the very end. The part that hurt me the most when I was reading this story was the idea that maybe Quaid would never be able to remember his past--the time he spent with Jessica, their marriage, and the thought of having a family with the woman he loved.

Jessica Fury lost her husband in an explosion five years ago, an explosion they named an "accident". After that, she went into a very dark place where she tried to drown her pain. After endless drinking, drugs and sex, her life almost came to an end.

Jessica is ready to make Senator Gil Schaeffer's life a living hell. She has been investigating him, taking his picture because she knew that the explosion was not an accident. There could not have been those types of chemicals in that warehouse. Now all of a sudden, somewhere in Nevada, there was a similar explosion. What the hell is going on?

Q has been held captive for five years; his body has been experimented on. Now he is being moved to another location but something is happening. He has been dreaming of a woman, a red-haired woman but now he can touch her, hold her, kiss her. Not only that, but there are some voices that he is hearing. Something is going on.

Jessica can't believe what her ex-team members are telling her. That there is a man named "Q" and they believe he might be Quaid. She can't go through this again. But then he is rescued. She can't believe he is alive, but he is not the same person…

RUSH, book 3 in the Phoenix Rising series, is a thrilling ride of suspense and intrigue. I will have to say that I am going to have to read the first two books of this series in order to better understand the characters.

RUSH is intense and emotional because of the amount of pain Q has gone through. The amount of studies that he has endured, the countless beatings are terrible. The part that was very interesting was the paranormal elements due to the chemicals they were exposed to at the explosion. I loved how the weather changed when Jessica was feeling rage, despair, anger. Then there is Q. Wow, he had some amazing talent. I believe the best part was his teleporting. He was a very strong, fast man that did not hesitate when it came to acting when danger was close but the one person that could break him was Jessica.

The pace of this story was perfect. At no point during the read did I feel disinterested or the need to put down the book. The passion that Q and Jessica have was intense. The moment that their lips touched, it was like a fire was ignited.

Ms Swan has an amazing writing style; it's full of passion and emotion. RUSH was well-written and the scenes were vivid. I recommend this book to all genre readers. I can't wait to read Shatter, the next book in the series.
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