Long Hard Ride

Keta Diablo
Long Hard Ride


Keta Diablo
Release Date
June 2012
Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Western Romance

A prison break…a past they can't forget…a passion they can't deny.

The Civil War has devastated a Nation.

Grayson Drake, Special Agent for a covert spy agency, must assume the identity of a physician in order to break Corporal Marx Wellbourne out of Elmira prison─better known as Hellmira to prisoners housed there.

Corporal Wellbourne is a Confederate military strategist with an Eidetic memory. He has memorized every strategic battle plan the Confederacy hopes to implement in upcoming battles.

Drake's orders state he is to return Wellbourne to Richmond, VA, where the generals of the Confederate Army can extract the battle plans entombed in his brain.

After Grayson is allowed entry into Wellbourne's prison cell, he discovers not only is Wellbourne courting death from malaria and pneumonia, he recognizes him as a man he fell in love from afar several years ago.

Grayson must come up with a plan to rescue Wellbourne and then keep him alive while a brigade of soldiers, led by the villainous warden, Britton Darkmore is in hot pursuit.

Will they live through the long hard ride back to Richmond?

* * *
"This is one of those stories that twists your gut into knots. The angst, the passion, the betrayal. A must read for lovers of gay historical romance with substance, high risk tension, suspense and heart pounding sex."

"This was such a great book! The character dynamics between Gray and Marx kept me on my toes and the chemistry was steamy hot. Definitely on my re-read shelf."


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