Together Bound

Elizabeth Noble
Together Bound
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JMS Books
Release Date
October 2019
Book 2 of Sentries
Action/Adventure Romance, Horror Romance, LGBTQ, Paranormal with Romantic Elements, Romantic Science Fiction/Futuristic

Sequel to Marked Yours

Todd Ruger is a sentry, a very good one, some might say the best. He was eleven when he and Nick were bound as master and slave. Todd spent the years Nick lived in the slave village waiting for the day Nick could leave and they'd be together, bit by bit building a life for both of them. He took his role of master seriously. It was his responsibility to provide for Nick, protect him and along the way he learned to love him. Todd loved Nick deeply and completely. They were more than a pair of sentries. Todd and Nick were friends, lovers, mates.

Eighteen months ago, Nick left the small village where he'd spent his entire life being raised and trained as a slave. Blessed with a unique skill set, Nick became a sentry. He took his place beside his master, Todd Ruger, defending society against the many paranormal threats that abound. They became more than master and slave, they became mates. Nick had found a home with Todd and together they became a family. Eventually, Nick's special abilities and skills attract the attention of the second most powerful man in New Colorado Protectorate's government, Vice Chancellor Clarke. Or, maybe certain people knew of Nick all along and just now had cause to use him. He believes Nick might be the answer to explaining Chancellor Shaffer's sudden, unusual behavior.

Forced to go undercover the Chancellor's Estate, Todd and Nick discover an ancient and deadly creature preying on residents of the estate. The same creature that is radically effecting Chancellor Shaffer. A creature only Nick can see in its true form. It hunts using specialized skills and has Todd and Nick in its crosshairs. Even if they defeat the creature and survive, they still face the possibility of being torn from each other when their lives are thrown into chaos by the thing they're hunting.

This is the 3rd edition. The first two editions were published in 2011 and 2014 by another publishing house.

Book Review by Merissa (reviewer)
Jan 07, 2020   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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TOGETHER BOUND is the second book in the Sentries series and we continue with Todd and Nicky's story. I would definitely recommend reading this as a series as we deal with the same characters in the same world and if you don't, then this may not make any sense at all!

Todd and Nicky go undercover at a slave rehabilitation camp to try and find out if the Chancellor has gone crazy or not. It turns out he's not crazy, but he's not himself either! This is a dangerous mission, more so for Nicky in many ways, but Todd has his own battles to fight too.

I loved returning to their world and seeing how they interact with each other. I don't think this was as "hot and heavy" as the first book but there are definitely moments where Todd goes Alpha!

There is a great cast of characters in this book and I would love to hear more from them in future books. A fantastic ending that wraps up this part of their story nicely whilst leading onto the next... which I CAN'T WAIT FOR!!!

Definitely recommended by me and bring on the next!
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