Endless Midnight

Gabrielle Evans
Endless Midnight
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
September 2011

It's been eight years since Boston and Flynn loved and parted, but the pain of Flynn's betrayal still has the power to bring Boston to his knees.

Flynn doesn't know why Boston pushed him away and disappeared, but he aims to find out. When he realizes they have a second mate, he couldn't be happier. Too bad Boston is running scared from Malakai as well.

Malakai was left alone and brokenhearted because Boston refused to accept their mating. When fate offers a second chance, he seizes it with both hands. He's not willing to come between Flynn and Boston, but he hopes the two shifters have room in their hearts for him as well.

When a coven leader petitions for a mating contract with Malakai, the only thing that can save him is a claiming bite from his mates. But first, they'll have to accept him—fangs and all.

Book Review by Rebecca
Jun 26, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Another book in the Moonlight Breeds series by Gabrielle Evans but not another stand out. The books, and characters, are becoming predictable enough to take away any suspense that may have been a part of the story.

Meeting again after eight years, Boston and Flynn have a lot of baggage to work through. Believing he was betrayed, Boston left Flynn. Flynn never knew why but now that he's finally found Boston, he plans to figure it out and claim his mate. This is all well enough but then Flynn discovers they have a third mate (this seems to be Gabrielle Evan's new thing in this series). Boston hates the idea of a third while Flynn couldn't be happier.

When Malakai, a vampire, is introduced to Flynn despite Boston having previously refused to accept their mating, the three connect. Realizing Boston's resistance has to do with his past encounters with evil vampires, Malakai does everything he can to ease the mating for Boston. But when a coven leader petitions for a mating contract with Malakai, the men have to complete the mating in order to keep him.

The characters were more difficult to connect with as they seemed less defined than those in the series' past books. I struggled to understand their motivations. It was entertaining though and I read through it quickly, though I kept hoping for something more that I never quite found.
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