Southern Comfort

Nikki London
Southern Comfort
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Phaze Books
Release Date
June 2012
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Romantic Comedy

Kristen Meadows has faithfully served political strategist Jason Rosenberg for over four years. As his personal assistant, her duties range anywhere from coffee and doughnut runs to arranging meetings on Capitol Hill. She has been everything from his last-minute date to his drinking buddy, and while they make an effort to keep no secrets, there is one thing Kris knows she can never share with Jay.

The fact that she's in love with him.

Jay has a problem. Not many people can balance personal lives and professional politics successfully, and his mother has taken notice. If that wasn't bad enough, the crafty Edith Rosenberg has had an eye on a potential daughter-in-law for a number of years. Granted, Jay can't say he's never considered a relationship with Kris...but given the nature of the business, he knows pursuing anything would not only threaten their friendship, but potentially end his career.

Edith Rosenberg wants grandchildren before she dies, and Jay's snail's pace isn't helping matters. After coercing her son and Kris to join her for a relaxing southern retreat in Natchez, Mississippi, she attempts to speed up the road to matrimony by finagling them into one room with a single bed.

Four years of tension are about to come to a head.

Book Review by CozyReader (reviewer)
Sep 18, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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SOUTHERN COMFORT is a story that I immensely enjoyed reading; it had me laughing throughout the book. I really got curious when they arrived in their room and it was time to sleep. They looked at the one bed and try to decide who would take the bed and who would take the floor.

Kristen "Krissy" and Jason "Jay" are quite the characters. They are both funny but I found that Jay was still a little in work mode and not really on vacation mode. He needed to learn how to relax and just have a good time. Krissy on the other hand was so into the vacation because of the location they were in. They were seeing different old homes in Mississippi and some of those homes were haunted.

I loved how they reacted the first morning when they awoke from sleeping on the same bed, with Krissy's body scooped up against a horny male body. It was just hilarious how they practically jumped out of the bed and Jay found himself on the ground. They both loved teasing each other, but then things get interesting when Krissy finds herself making the first move and kisses Jay. The bathroom scene is the breaking point for Krissy. She finds herself pulling away from Jay and tries to make excuses. Jay tries to talk to her but she will not listen.

Ms. London surely did her investigation of Natchez, Mississippi and the surrounding areas. It sounds like a nice place to visit and enjoy the history, even some of the haunted places. The next step between Krissy and Jay's relationship developed beautifully during their one-week vacation, and it never felt forced upon. The conversations and the bickering back and forth were believable and often funny. The romance scenes were sensual and sweet, wonderfully done.

SOUTHERN COMFORT is a book that entertains and takes the reader on a journey of blissfulness. The dialogue is insightful; the way they interact with each other is just so realistic. It's a quick read but worth taking the time to read.
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