Trust Me

BJ Wane
Trust Me


Pink Flamingo Publications
Release Date
June 2012
BDSM, Erotic Romance

BJ Wane, famed author of Amy's Redemption, Convincing Maggie and Flushed With Shame is back and better than ever with Trust Me which picks up where Freeing Kira left off: at the wedding of Gabe and Kira, on their wonderful island off the coast of Georgia.

Gabe's cousin Alec finds himself awestruck by the sensational Brooke Hastings, Gabe's editor and friend, when he sees her at the wedding. Wanting to know her better, Alec makes sure Brooke saves him a dance. The two immediately sense a sizzling spark between them, and run off for a heart-pounding, spontaneous round of sex. Throughout the rest of the reception, the tension builds as they want more than just a quickie. Brooke spends the night with Alec, and leaves the next morning for New York.

Fast forward to a year later. Brooke finally comes back to the island, and during the year neither Alec nor Brooke can stop thinking about the other. But something happened in that year that changed Brooke, and Alec is determined to fix it as he finds himself falling for the luscious woman. Will Brooke be able to trust Alec and get over the damage that was done?

Gabe and Alec's friend, Will, who was in the military with them, has a sordid past that he's trying to forget. In order to move on, he starts calling Midnight Fantasies, an 800 number with tantalizing women on the other end. He gets a girl named Angel on the other end, and finds out it's her first night as a sex-line girl. Will helps her through the call, giving her pointers on what to say, and finds her shyness and lustful voice erotic. He gets her direct line so he can make sure to talk only to her. Soon, Will finds himself falling head over heels for the sweet woman on the other end the phone. Can he convince her of his feelings for her?

Includes: spanking, bondage, public punishment, public sex, light lesbian scenes, multiple partners and much more!
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