Acting Out

Sharon Maria Bidwell
Acting Out
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Musa Publishing
Release Date
January 2013
Book 1 of Calm and Chaos

When one man is the epitome of calm and the other of chaos, how will they ever admit to loving each other? Can a kiss really change everything?

Nick and Alex have made a very successful movie together. Now they need to decide whether their next project is another joint venture or they go their separate ways creatively. Then the perfect manuscript arrives, offering financial security and future opportunities.

For Nick, the film is his dream: amazing effects, wonderful script, a part every actor aspires to play, and a director everyone's begging to work with. There's one snag: Nick and Alex will have to get to rather personal on set.

He has to refuse even though Alex isn't willing to take no for an answer, and sets out to talk Nick into it. Nick finally agrees, despite a nosy reporter and his brother turning against him. After all, it's just pretence. It's not as if he's gay and wants to make out with his friend…not until Alex kisses him. Then life gets even more complicated and interesting.

Book Review by Susan Mac Nicol (author)
Aug 22, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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I'm a sucker for stories set in the acting world, having written a few myself. So when I saw this story pop up on my potential review list, I grabbed it. And I'm glad I did.

Nick Sandford and Alex Lasseter make a great partnership. They are both great actors. They are also good friends. Their latest detective film together is a hit, bringing them together in both categories and giving them the success they both desire. They become a fairly hot property and then the bomb is dropped. The film studio send them a script which will mean playing gay lovers and involve them in a variety of hot sex scenes, situations that means getting up close and personal.

Alex is bisexual; he has no problem with it and is in fact looking forward to getting hot and steamy with his friend. He also thinks this film will be an even greater success than the last one and make them real stars. But Nick harbors feelings for Alex that he's tried to hide and as a closeted gay man in the world he lives in, Nick is scared that the feelings he has may show too close to home when he's in front of the cameras. He refuses to do the film which causes some conflict between the two men.

The story draws you in, this dance the two of them have towards Alex seducing Nick both into making the film and into becoming his lover, as both men discover exactly what it is they want and need from each other. I love Alex's confidence, his dominance and his yearning to teach Nick what being a gay man is all about. I love Nick's shyness and his eventual letting go of his inhibitions to realize what he has been all along.

The two men are charming, hot, sexy and the story flows along at a fast pace, delivering surprises and insights into the two men and their lives which I really enjoyed. I loved getting to know Nick's family and his disapproving brother Charles, and I LOVED Nick's dad and his understanding and love for his son. And Alex and Nick's first lovemaking scene was warm, tender, hot and just right. There are some funny lines, some emotional moments and a lot of wonderful, warm fuzzy feelings for me in this book.

I will definitely be putting Sharon Maria Bidwell's other books on my TBR list.
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