Heart of the Wild Beast

Patricia Harreld
Heart of the Wild Beast
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Uncial Press
Release Date
July 2010
Romantic Science Fiction/Futuristic

Andie Carrington jumps at the opportunity of a lifetime to join an expedition in search of Sasquatch. While she has no idea that she will meet her destiny, David Wolfe does. He began to teach and prepare her for her future when she was a mere child.

David is the expedition's guide, part of a plan put in place by the Tansensu, the Sasquatch name for themselves. The more they are together, the more convinced David becomes that Andie is his soul mate. Andie is less certain, but she feels a connection to David that transcends time.

When she is faced with a bizarre request, one that will put an end to any hope of a life with David, she must decide whether to do what is asked of her or pursue a forbidden relationship with him.

David must decide if he will be true to his duty to the Tansensu and his own destiny. Or will he deny the very reason for his existence to be with Andie and save her from a fate she can barely imagine?

Book Review by Tiffy (reviewer)
Dec 20, 2010   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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If you are fascinated by Bigfoot, reincarnation and the entwining of souls, then this book is for you! In her debut novel, Patricia Harreld weaves a suspenseful and captivating love story around an expedition to discover whether or not the Sasquatch (Tansensu) are living in Tansensu Valley. It's a delightful novel that draws you into the lives of the main characters, Andie Carrington and Dav Wolfe. Their gentle love story takes you on a journey from their first meeting as children, to young adults and finally, as lovers.

I found myself rooting for Andie and Dav's relationship from the beginning of the novel. Andie is a very sassy ten-year-old with a smart mouth who has a strong connection to Dav as evidenced in their first meeting. However, eighteen-year-old Dav is extremely appalled that he has to spend a year training Andie for her future responsibilities at the insistence of the Tansensu Council. He manages to quickly dispense with his task and then disappears, leaving Andie with a carved obsidian wildebeest whose eyes glow every time she thinks of him.

In true romantic style, the tables do eventually turn when Dav reappears at Andie's graduation from high school. In the seven years since Dav has last seen Andie, she has turned from a precocious child to a beautiful woman. Against his better judgement, Dav realizes that he has found his soul mate. He kisses Andie, says they will meet again and disappears, leaving her with a present of an obsidian wildebeest necklace as a talisman for her to wear.

Together with her childhood friend Lisa, Andie joins a dream expedition sponsored by the CARI Institute to locate the Tansensu. The native guide for the expedition turns out to be Dav Wolfe. As the trip progresses, unusual happenings begin to occur to the members of the expedition, especially to Andie.

Dav and Andie's relationship begins to blossom, but a dark shadow looms in the distance. In defiance of the Council, Andie and Dav finally consummate their love, both physically and spirituality, at Dav's home in the Valley. I breathed a sigh of relief at this point in the story when the two lovers finally get together, but felt a little cheated that it took so long. I would have liked to see their relationship developed more fully.

The conclusion of the book took me by surprise by bringing about an unusual twist. I really liked the way Ms. Harreld wove the legend of Bigfoot, along with a tender love story into a very imaginative novel. All in all, it was an enjoyable read.
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