Training Ivy

Karen Mercury
Training Ivy

Release Date
June 2012
Book 1 of How the West Was Done
Erotic Romance, Historical Romance, LGBTQ, Ménage or more, Western Romance

The railroad thunders into the open wilds of Laramie City, Wyoming, ushering in chaos and psychic upheaval for Deputy Neil Tempest who is attempting to bring order to the lawless Hell on Wheels town.

Ivy is the first of four Hudson daughters to break away from her dull life back East. A spinster after caring for her dying mother, she arrives amidst a flurry of strange murders. When the spirit of a rancher's murdered wife sets her sights on Neil, no one can tell if her clues are a help or a hindrance.

They team up with Captain Harland Park, a dashing and adventurous surveyor. Booted from the British Army for writing a scandalous report on male brothels, Harley seduces the couple with tales from an Arabian love manual. They take spirit photographs and engage in lively séances, and a whirlwind of prophecies guides them into intrigue and love.


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