Temptation To Sin

Ju Ephraime
Temptation To Sin
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ENVISION Business & Computer School Publishing
Release Date
July 2011
Contemporary Romance, Multi-cultural/Multi-racial Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Shannon believes life should be lived to the fullest..and she sets out to do just that!

She had been in a platonic relationship with her childhood sweetheart for eight years. In the beginning, she had thought she would be able to go through life, making do without the physical aspect of a sexual relationship, but after eight years of going through the motions, Shannon was ready to admit, she could no longer continue this platonic relationship. So she sets off on a quest to find the man who could meet all of her needs.

Brent was very angry when he found out his friend was pining after a woman who was heartless enough to lead him on, build up his hopes, and then she walked out on him, without so much as a goodbye. He was out for revenge. He vowed to teach that woman a lesson by seducing her, and then he in turn would walk out on her, as she had done to his friend.

Unfortunately, "The best laid schemes of mice and men, oft awry," because after setting up an elaborate plan to meet Shannon and teach her a lesson, Brent got caught in his own net, and no matter how hard he fought it, he just became more entangled in the game of love. Now he had to work on making Shannon fall in love with him because he needed her love, like he needed air to breathe. The sparks began to fly between Shannon and Brent as they fought to resist the temptation of a love that was inevitable.

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Sep 05, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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A game of seduction between Shannon and Brent. She needs to feel the chemistry, the sexual charge and Brent needs to teach her a lesson for playing with his best friend. Shannon knows that something is definitely wrong with her encounters with Brent; there is something he is not telling her.

A relationship whether platonic or not is still a relationship, and the other person deserves to be respected. I understood from the synopsis that this was going to be a different read for me, but I wanted to understand Shannon and her reasons for not coming clean with her childhood sweetheart about how she felt about their platonic relationship before seeking this man. I wanted to see how far she would go.

Shannon deserved to find a man who would make her feel hot and bothered, just by his touch or just from the way this man would stare at her, and it would be like getting lost in his eyes. But some people are bound to get hurt, but who will get hurt the most?

Shannon gave herself 6 months to find this ideal man after ditching Gregory. She had not told her 2 girlfriends what her agenda was when they went out to New York City to hit the clubs. She wanted to feel the sexual chemistry with a man but for about four months into her search, she had not yet found this man. Then one day while she was teaching her computer class, a man asked her a question and that's when it happened--the connection. This man intrigued her. He joined her classroom and every time he had a question he would touch her slightly, rub his body against her, and this was causing havoc on her libido. Shannon wanted him now.

Brent and his buddies devised a plan to find the woman who had put their best friend in a bad situation. Gregory had to seek counseling for what this woman had done to him. After months of investigating, Brent was finally able to find her and her place of employment. But he never thought that it could backfire on him; she was different from what he imagined her to be. This woman wanted control of what was happening, and when she said she would call, she never did. He was a good-looking man and he did not ever have a hard time picking up a woman, until now. All Brent knew was that when he touched her, his defenses were brought down, and he was always thinking about her.

Shannon felt ill after she finds out that Greg and Brent know each other. She was devastated, and she felt used. Dirty. That is the moment when she realizes that she is in love with Brent, but he has lied to her. What will she do when Brent finally tells her the whole truth of what his plan was? What will Greg's reaction be when Brent tells him he has fallen in love with the woman that had hurt him?

TEMPTATION TO SIN is a game of cat and mouse. Getting revenge on someone is not always the answer; people are bound to get hurt. This was a different read for me; I think that is why I could not give it a five star review. Just the thought of Shannon thinking of having a casual affair, even if she and Jayden had some kind of relationship agreement, is not so acceptable for me. It is still cheating, even if it is like two best friends living together just for companionship.

This book was very interesting. At the beginning, it was slow-paced, but it did go faster as a relationship developed between Shannon and Brent. The chemistry that they share is explosive; the sparks fly every time that they are together. Brent is all male, alpha male who likes control but he is also a mysterious man. I loved that he was a family man and he truly cared for Greg, but he fell in love. Shannon is a woman that loves to be in control but when it comes to Brent, she loses all control. She is also a woman who is crumbling inside because of the lies that are surrounding her. As the plot unfolded, I didn't expect certain scenes to go as they did, that is what really kept my interest in this read.

TEMPTATION TO SIN is a wonderful read and I recommend it to romance readers. I'm very happy that Jayden will be getting his own book. Read the journey of Shannon and Brent and what they went through to have their happily ever after.
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