Townie and the Twink

Daisy Harris
Townie and the Twink
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Siren-Bookstrand, Inc
Release Date
June 2012
Book 3 of Men of Holsum College
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ

Insightful to a fault, Gabe Ashton knows Nick Flynn's gay even if Nick doesn't. And after seeing how the townie looks at his "buddy," Gabe knows Nick is in love with a guy who'll never love him back. So Gabe invites Nick to campus parties and to hang out with new people. But soon their friendship turns physical, and Gabe wonders if he's in just as much denial as Nick is.

Nick's straight—or so he's always assumed. But he can't deny that the things he's doing with Gabe are hot. More than that, he likes Gabe in a way he's never liked anyone else. Well, anyone else except his high school friend, John.

The hardest thing to give up is a fantasy, and the hardest thing to face is the truth. But if Nick wants the man standing in front of him, he'll have to give up the one he never had.

Book Review by Valentina Heart (author,reviewer)
Jul 31, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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With TOWNIE AND THE TWINK, Daisy Harris is coming back to that level of ‘wickedly good' that first hooked me to her Men of Holsum College series.

The great characterization is back and the level of hotness as well as intimacy is high enough to keep the reader interested. This time she won me over with Gabe and his special superpower, which made me laugh more than once. Nick was a bit lost and confused, but genuinely a nice guy and by the end of it, it was pretty easy to forgive all of his tripping points and just accept him as a man with flaws who is only better for them.

I liked the seemingly innocent development of their relationship and the ensuing hotness certainly didn't hurt any. Just the idea that Gabe knew Nick was gay while even Nick wasn't aware of it made this book different, but it was Nick's overall attitude that charmed me all the way through. Now, it probably is one of those things that people will love or hate, but Daisy Harris made an effort to make her characters real and the cloud of denial following Nick around was nothing but entertaining for me.

While great chemistry is something to be expected with this series together with almost burning sexual interactions, each of the books is different and it is precisely that diversity that keeps Men of Holsum College refreshing. Right now I have a few books from this author behind me, and I still consider this series to be the best. So take a jump and start with College Boys, it just might be your thing.
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