Pete and Samantha's Guide to Seasonal Sex Summer 2012

Peter Birch; Samantha Hall
Pete and Samantha's Guide to Seasonal Sex Summer 2012
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House of Erotica
Release Date
June 2012
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Pete and Samantha's Guide To Seasonal Sex - your one stop shop for everything you want to know about seasonal adult activities. As well as spring themed erotic stories, and seasonal adult articles!

This is THE guide you need to read, whether you are a girl, a boy, or both! Written by the world renowned erotic writer Peter Birch, Samantha J Hall, with editing by erotic author Nicky Raven, this new quarterly seasonal adult guide is sure to enlighten, amaze and entertain you through the fresh spring months.

Formatted and digitally published globally by erotica book imprint House Of Erotica.

Book Review by BookAddict (reviewer)
Aug 29, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Summer is filled with hot, sweaty, naked bodies. At least this is the fantasy voyeurs chase. In this seasonal sex guide, duo Pete and Samantha team up again with educational pieces and tasty short stories. The focus for this guide is scents and public nudity.

Scents or smells is an interesting one. Basically it can be related to pheromones. Some people really love the scent from an armpit and other areas when it is sweaty. Now, this isn't to talk about body odor, which the authors clearly state is something else. In fact, "clean" sweat isn't that rank stench which most people think about. Bacteria cause this pungent odor, which is unappealing for many. This biochemical discourse about scents and how it affects people was informative. The follow up fetish fiction story was a breath of fresh air.

The more interesting one focuses on voyeurs. For many, voyeurs and exhibitionists go hand in hand. Pete explains how "peeping" Toms can find themselves in legal conflicts depending on the local law. This is quite true. The analysis of voyeur motivation and opportunity is amusing and one can see how it is all really a matter of perspective. The mini-experiment of voyeuristic tendencies yields some predictable responses based on gender. It is interesting how some women are offended by pictures taken of women regardless of what the woman wears. This feels like a sexual violation or objectification for many women. When it is captured on film, for some reason it comes across as worse.

Some women also indicate they are unhappy with men looking at a woman and thinking about them in a sexual way, especially if they are wearing just normal clothing – nothing revealing. While men would postulate they are only looking and they should not be restricted to what they think. It isn't as if the men are going to act upon their thoughts. I discussed this situation with my spouse. I found the responses from women odd and I have always found it odd. Regardless of how a woman dresses, a person can undress them with their eyes or fantasize about them in a sexual way. Does this objectify the woman? Yes. How does this impact her if the person fantasizing does nothing about it? And even if they mentioned it, what is the problem? Perhaps I'm a honey badger because it bothers me not if a man or woman undresses me with their eyes or dreams up of sexual things with me involved. I just ask that they don't need to share it with me. I definitely do not want the person to act upon it – unless it's Brad Pitt or Daniel Craig dreaming about me. Then all bets are off. If only I could be so lucky.

This is seasonal guide is fun and educational. This is recommended for those who want to explore some kinky fetishes and read fun stories involving them.
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