Trusting the Cowboys

Marla Monroe
Trusting the Cowboys
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
March 2012
Book 1 of Riverbend, Texas Heat
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Ménage or more, Western Romance

When Lexie's boyfriend abuses her, Quade and Jared step in to help. They want to take care of her the rest of her life. Lexie isn't so sure that a relationship with two men can work when the one she had didn't. Still, she takes a job as their cook while saving money to leave.

Quade and Jared set out to show her that ménage relationships work and especially in their town where there are others already living there. They have to convince her they love her before she takes the next bus out of town.

When they think they have everything under control, her ex steps in and tries to sabotage their marriage plans. Lexie is convinced the men won't want her after everything he has said. Will Quade and Jared believe his accusations about her scheming to marry them for their money, or will they trust that she really loves them?

Book Review by CozyReader (reviewer)
Sep 28, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Trust is something that is precious to everyone but when it is broken so many times, it's hard to finally trust one man let alone two, but with time, compassion and reassurance, it is possible.

Why do some men have to be pricks at times, that they feel they have the right to hit a woman? That is what Lexie has put up with for two years of her life with a low life scum bucket that uses her as a punching bag. She is ready to leave him but is afraid. She has already tried before but this time she is ready and saving money. But something goes wrong and she ends up in the hospital, but this time with two cowboys looking after her.

Jared and Quade fell in love instantly when they met Lexie at the diner. However, she had a boyfriend but there was something about her that they knew she was the one that they wanted to marry. Jared is the first to see that she had a bruised arm, and when Quade realized that, he was livid. They both knew that she wanted out of the relationship. It was to late when the perfect idea came up, as they found her beaten in her trailer home.

Lexie has a hard time being around Jared and Quade because, for one, she doesn't know them and secondly, they are huge men. Quade is the one that scares her a little because at times he just seems more serious. Jared is the one that has a very level head in this story and explains to Quade that he needs to relax around Lexie and not push her. She has been through a lot and if she is pushed, she might run away from them. Quade however is very impatient and wants things now but he understands and hurt when Lexie looks at him with fear or wariness in her eyes. He might be the bigger one but he is so very sweet and thoughtful and even playful when he wants. When Quade takes Lexie out on her first horse ride, something happens, and someone might not make it if someone doesn't react quickly enough.

The sex is plentiful and hot, especially when Lexie is finally able to just let go and feel. It happened quickly between them, but when passion calls, it's hard to resist. Let me tell you—this was hot, hot, hot and even hotter when the three of them united as one. The men are so attentive to her but she also is exploring her own sexuality. She believes she is not able to satisfy them since that is what her ex-boyfriend told her. But she did not hesitate to please one of her men the first time that they are together.

I enjoyed TRUSTING THE COWBOYS. It was a very passionate read where a woman faces many difficulties in life, but when the right time comes with the right men, she finds herself falling in love, trusting them with her life and a very happily ever after. Pick up this book today and enjoy.
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