Bound by Trust

Lavender Daye
Bound by Trust
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
May 2012
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Ménage or more, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

[Siren Allure: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, M/F with M/F/M, spanking, whipping, HEA]

Kerri doesn't know she is waiting outside a BDSM club until the hottest attorney at her firm pulls her out of the crowd and asks her to be his sub for the night. Not knowing what a sub is, she agrees.

Kerri's first foray into BDSM is a surprise, a shock, and an awakening. Hunter is a man like no other she's known.

Hunter is investigating a human trafficking ring, and she is getting an education in dominance and submission. Incredible sex and a healthy dose of intrigue are a heady combination, but when he adds his business partner, Richard, into the mix, all bets are off.

Can she live in his lifestyle without losing herself?

When his investigation closes, will he still want her?

Book Review by CozyReader (reviewer)
Aug 06, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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BDSM is something that Kerri is very curious about but when she experiences first hand her first punishment with the whip, can she continue being with Hunter no matter how much she loves him? Or when he promised to never hurt her or let someone else hurt her?

Kerri believed she was just going out dancing and drinking with her girlfriends but she had it all wrong. She is horrified that she has just spotted the man that has spiked her interest from the law firm she is interning at. He asks for her assistance but has no idea she is about to walk into a BDSM club, a different side of the club where membership is required. Let the dominance and submission begin!

Kerri is a very innocent young woman but also daring. She can't believe that she is actually aroused from the different scenes that are going on in the club. Only now her heart is invested in whatever is going on between them and she runs away.

Hunter can't believe that the woman he has been training has bailed out on him, but he soon finds a replacement. He thought that she had experience in this sort of stuff since she was dressed for it and was in line to go into the club. But he becomes irritated because she has no clue and he has to fill her in quickly before his meeting. There is only one problem, her baby blue eyes will haunt him--no, not really. He hopes they won't distract him while he is conducting his investigation. Hunter really was impressed with Kerri and how she composed herself at the BDSM club. Only that when she is so responsive to his touch he is half gone and there is no turning back.

When their D/s interaction and relationship turns explosive with sex, Hunter knows he is screwed as she has gotten under his skin. Hunter is getting very protective and possessive of her but he is forgetting the most important thing—that the thing between him and Kerri started as a job and nothing else. Will he be able to convince her he wants more with her, actually everything?

I have read plenty of BDSM books but this one really piqued my interest. I was very happy that I requested this book to review because it was excellent. It has the right amount of suspense with twists and turns that will have you second-guessing yourself. Now, Hunter and Kerri's romance relationship is so steaming hot that you will need a cold drink by your side. They are perfect for each other and the sex between them is damn hot. Kerri finds herself bound and spanked and she truly liked it, but has a hard time understanding what it all means. She is an independent woman and doesn't want to fully submit to Hunter because she believes she will not have a choice of what she wants to do.

I truly loved this book and I read it in one sitting. Pick up your copy today and see if Hunter will rescue Kerri in time to tell her that he loves her and wants a true relationship with her.
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