Lena's Happily Ever After

Dixie Lynn Dwyer
Lena's Happily Ever After


Siren Publishing
Release Date
August 2012
Book 3 of The Town of Pearl
Erotic Romance, Ménage or more, Western Romance

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Cowboy Ménage Romance, M/F/M/M/M, spanking, HEA]

Lena's learned a lot living on the streets of Detroit. She's making progress when a gang leader attempts to claim her. She fights him off then runs for her life. Lena winds up in a place called Pearl, where caring people reside and ménage relationships surround her.

The bighearted Dr. Jones convinces her to work for him. His son, Deputy Kenny Jones, thinks she's trouble, but sparks begin to fly immediately. She meets his brothers Quinn and Blake Jones, and they are demanding and total Alpha males, too.

Then she meets their estranged brother, Bryant Jones. He's an ex-marine, filled with anger and venom as he cuts all ties with his family—until Lena comes along and takes a job caring for Bryant's house. He's mean and nasty but just as good looking as his brothers, and they all want her. But trust doesn't come easy, and soon her past calls her back to Detroit and the men refuse to let her go.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance

BOOK INTERVIEW on August 2012
Interview by Laura

Hi Dixie, we're glad to have you here at The Romance Reviews. Now, let's talk about your book, LENA'S HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

Q: What gave you the inspiration for The Town of Pearl series?

I had written the Town Of Pearl Series with the original intention of having one book, Anna's story. However, the response was so positive and many readers insisted on wanting to know Stacy's story (A character in Anna's book) that I needed to continue. Upon doing so I began to really fall in love with the concept of the town and it's potential for growth while maintaining the heroes and heroines for each story.

Q: So far, you have three books in this series. What common factor connects all the three books? Do your previous characters show up in later books?

The common factors of the first two books are the strong friendships between Anna, Stacy and Millie as well as the hard lives they've had and their need for support from friends as well as strangers. In developing the Town and the strength and empowerment of women who live in Pearl, I came up with the idea of Anna and Stacy developing a women's shelter. They had experiences themselves with abuse, stalking, and displacement. Their fight for independence as they overcame their struggles, led them to Pearl and also to finding true love. The third book actually tells a story of a different female character named Lena who doesn't even know that the town exists yet finds herself stranded there after escaping danger in Detroit.

All of the books thus far are geared toward women in dire need, helpess, in dangers or even living in fear for their lives. By coming to Pearl, they become empowered and gain a second chance at life.

Q: Do tell us more about Lena. She sounds like she's had a hard life before arriving in Pearl. What in her past has shaped her to be the woman that she is?

As a creative writer, I was compelled to write Lena's story before completing Millie's story. Millie's book was originally supposed to be the third book in this series. However, Lena's strong, determined attributes forced me to write her story down immediately.

Lena has been living on the city streets of Detroit for years. She is a beautiful young woman determined to avoid the dangerous paths that others fall into. Despite her roommates choice to engage in gang activity, Lena works hard at a restaurant and avoids the easy way out. She is smart and determined to get off the streets, gain a better life for herself and succeed in obtaining her dreams. She will not prostitute her body, help feel drugs, become part of a gang for protection or get involved with men that do not really care. When gang members and her own closest friend try to take those dreams from her and threaten her life she must escape and once again is alone in the world but still determined to overcome the barriers and achieve her dreams. She is a very strong minded, independent woman and not a damsel in distress. Because of her fears and experiences, trust does not come easy and especially with men.

Q: The Jones brothers all sound so yummy! Do tell us more about them. If you have only one word to describe each of the 4 brothers, what would it be for each?

I wanted to create four very strong minded, charismatic men for Lena. Each of them needed to have characteristics suitable for Lena's independent and strong willed personality. They also needed to be experienced in life struggles and heartache so they could genuinely relate to her fears and reservations. In doing so I came up with Kenny, Bryant, Quinn and Blake. Four sexy, gorgeous, Alpha males who wouldn't know what hit them when it came to falling in love with Lena.

Deputy Kenny Jones - Dirty clone hair, green eyes, very muscular and well built. He is the guy on the cover with the gun, ready to protect and serve. He is the bossy, commanding law man. He doesn't give much leeway with his my way or the highway attitude, yet little Lena, grabs a hold of him immediately. He also has that "Dom" type of persona in the bedroom.

Quinn Jones is a rancher with an easygoing personality. He's the jokester and flirt and when things seem a bit serious he tries to add a little bit of humor. He brings out some wicked sexual fantasies with Lena.

Blake Jones is the tall, dark, handsome type. Always wearing black, possessive of what belongs to him and all cowboy. He makes Lena's toes curl even when he demands and wants what he wants immediately. He calls to Lena's personality in so many ways just like Quinn. They want to love her, enjoy her for who she is without a concern of where they are or who may be watching.

Then there is Bryant. The ex-Marine dealing with his own anguish from his experiences in war. He's injured but could be living a better quality of life but he's stubborn and he's drinking his fears away. He represents so much that Lena fears and has had to deal with in the past, yet when she finally learns to trust a few people in Pearl, she wants to give back and helping Bryant is the only way she can. She's tough and despite his constant remarks and insistence on pushing people away, she gives him hell right back which eventually forms a bond between the two of them.

Q: Whew! Four yummy men. I quite envy Lena. Back to the Jones brothers. Braynt's described as being mean and nasty, so what was the most romantic thing that he did for Lena?

In the story Bryant has been pushing his family away, fighting with his brothers, drinking too much and refusing to do any of the required exercises to help him heal. His own mother and three fathers can't even get through to him. He lives alone in a cottage on the property but away from everyone. When Lena comes to town, Dr. Jones, one of Bryant's dads, helps her. His whole family begins to help her and even though Bryant watches from a distance hidden, he finds Lena attractive and interesting but he doesn't believe that he deserves to feel. He wants to drown in his pain and his memories of war.

Working at a bar in Turbank to make money soon becomes too dangerous for Lena. One night she sustains a black eye and swollen cheek after being struck by accident while a bunch of drunk cowboys fought. She tries to hide her injury knowing that the Jones brothers will be furious. As she is sleeping, she hears a sound and opens one eye to see Bryant standing in her doorway. She wonders why he is there as she hides her cheek. He acknowledges that he saw the Sheriff drop her off early and that she was holding something against her cheek.

At this point during the book Bryant has been mean and obnoxious to Lena and has not shown any affection. When he sees her injury and freaks out, she is shocked but too exhausted to fight with him. As she rolls to her side to go to sleep, Bryant joins her on the bed, holds her in his arms and she realizes that he does have a heart and truly cares despite his attitude. It is a crucial moment in their relationship and in Lena's decision to possibly engage in a ménage relationship with four men.

Q: Why was Lena perfect for the 4 brothers?

Lena was perfect for the four brothers because of her tough, independent attitude and her feminine need to be loved in such a grand way. Any of the Jones brothers alone would be amazing for Lena but with all four, the relationship is combustible. She can dish out whatever Bryant gives her. She can more than handle Kenny's control issues but also accept them to a point without feeling controlled. It is significant considering her past abuse. Quinn's personality allows for fun and exhilarating times adding a not so serious all the time reality as the relationship develops. And Blake's traditional dark, dangerous, skillful cowboy ego builds up Lena's desire to grab her a cowboy or four and feel loved fully in all aspects of her new life.

Q: In the same way, why were the 4 brothers perfect for Lena? Did she ever thought she'd be involved in a ménage relationship?

The four brothers are perfect for Lena because they each bring something amazing to the relationship and help convince her that ménage relationships work and four men could love her equally.

The four brothers help Lena to feel confident that if she can't handle something or if she needs anything that she is no longer alone. She doesn't have to handle it all. The four different personalities show Lena that a ménage relationship can work when all involved love and respect one another. This is why in the story, when she is the one to help Bryant heal and rebuild a relationship with his family again that it was their love for one another that helped to overcome the struggles. They in return learn to respect her independence and make her see that she will never be alone again, that she doesn't need to sacrifice her life or her goals for anyone including her four lovers.

Q: What's your favorite scene? Why?

Lena is tired and feeling kind of sorry for herself after sustaining the hit to her face while at work. She is exhausted and wondering why people treat her so badly and why she always seems to end up in sadness and pain. In the scene where Bryant enters her room she wonders if he's annoyed that she may not show up to make him breakfast. She really thinks that he is self-centered and just self-absorbed in his anger at this point.

Here's an excerpt. Enjoy!

He stood up and paced back and forth by the side of the bed. "Tell me who did it. I want to fucking know who hit you."

"It was an accident, Bryant. There was a fight at the bar and I turned to look and caught some big dude's right hook that was meant for the guy standing next to me."

"Are you fucking kidding me? Did you ice it?" he asked, moving back toward the bed.
She turned onto her side.

"I will later, once I get some more sleep."

She felt his hand on her shoulder. Then he gently caressed her chin below where the bruising was.

"Does it hurt?" he asked in a more calming tone. Her head was throbbing and she was so very tired.

"Yes. Please just go, Bryant. I'm sorry I can't cook your breakfast today. I'll stop by to make lunch all right?" she asked with her eyes closed.

* * * *

Bryant was so enraged right now he wanted to hit something. How could this happen to Lena? She was such a sweet, young woman just trying to work to save money. What the fuck kind of asshole could hit a woman like that. Accident my fucking ass.

He knew something was wrong the moment he saw Wyatt's truck and Lena got out. It was after four in the morning. He hadn't slept as usual because of the nightmares. He was looking forward to seeing her today just like the past few weeks.

He worried about her, but who was he to tell her what to do.

As he watched her begin to fall back to sleep, he absorbed the sight of her body. The way her hips curved, the roundness of her ass and her long toned thighs. The tank she wore barely covered her breasts or her upper body. She might as well have been sleeping in nothing at all.

He swallowed hard. He was so attracted to her, but she was too young and he was too fucked up to have her. Plus his brothers wanted her, too, and he wasn't even talking to them anymore.

She looked so fragile and small lying there with her cheek all swollen. Even her eye was swollen. He would make her see his father when she awoke to make certain that the bruising would heal and that there wasn't any other damage.

She looked over her shoulder and stared at him.

"You're creeping me out, Bryant. I can't fall asleep with you watching me."

He didn't think. He just focused on her beauty and the fact that she sounded so sad and lonely. He got onto the bed, and when she didn't protest or scream for him to get out, he placed his hand on her hip and adjusted his position so her back was against his front.

"What are you doing?" she whispered.

He smoothed his hand over the skin on her belly. It felt smooth and taut. His upper arm brushed against her large breasts that were free beneath the scanty tank she wore.

He got more comfortable and held her against him. Her ass fit perfectly against his cock that now poked against the seam of her ass.

She snuggled closer, and he inhaled the scent of her perfume and the smell of soap on her skin. She felt so good in his arms as he closed his eyes, and for the first time in years wished for things he could never have, like Lena.

Q: Thanks for this great excerpt! What's up next for you?

I have received many e-mails asking me to create another werewolf story so perhaps that will be next.

I would like to thank all my readers for their continued support. You are truly my inspiration. I love hearing from my readers so e-mail me whenever you'd like.


Thank you, Dixie, for sharing with us these insights into The Town of Pearl and LENA'S HAPPILY EVER AFTER.


People seem to be more interested in my name than where I get my ideas for my stories from. So I might as well share the story behind my name with all my readers.

My momma was born and raised in New Orleans. At the age of twenty, she met and fell in love with an Irishman named Patrick Riley Dwyer. Needless to say, the family was a bit taken aback by this as they hoped she would marry a family friend. It was a modern day arranged marriage kind of thing and my momma downright refused.

Being that my momma's families were descendents of the original English speaking Southerners, they wanted the family blood line to stay pure. They were wealthy and my father's family was poor.

Despite attempts by my grandpapa to make Patrick leave and destroy the love between them, my parents married. They recently celebrated their sixtieth wedding anniversary.

I am one of six children born to Patrick and Lynn Dwyer. I am a combination of both Irish and a true Southern belle. With a name like Dixie Lynn Dwyer it's no wonder why people are curious about my name.

Just as my parents had a love story of their own, I grew up intrigued by the lifestyles of others. My imagination as well as my need to stray from the straight and narrow made me into the woman I am today.

Website: www.dixielynndwyer.com
Blog: authordixielynndwyer@yahoogroups.com
Facebook: dixielynn.dwyer@facebook.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/DixieLynnDwyer



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