My Rifle is Human

My Rifle is Human


Storm Moon Press
Release Date
June 2012
Alternate Universe, LGBTQ

In war, a soldier is only as good as their weapon. In this war, though, the soldier is the weapon. They are called Ordinances, blessed (some would say cursed) with a genetic mutation allowing them to shift portions of their bodies into working handguns, rifles, and even rocket launchers. But to maintain this power, they must be constantly recharged by a transfer of sexual energy from their Gunslinger, a secondary mutation of individuals with the unique ability to beef up Ordinances in this way.

Fil is a Gunslinger who has lost more than his fair share of Ordinances over the course of this war. Other Gunslingers avert their eyes when he passes and speak of him in hushed tones. Gunbreaker, they call him. But this life is the only that Fil has ever known, which is why he remains in service long after completing his required tour of duty.

By contrast, Morris is as green as they come. Despite being even older than the veteran Fil, Morris was identified as an Ordinance late in life and is on his first deployment. And while Fil is ready and willing to service his Ordinance, Morris just wants to talk. Now, with the next wave of attacks imminent, Fil must use all of his patience and skill to seduce Morris if the late-bloomer is to have any chance of coming home alive.
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