Eight Seconds

Hennessee Andrews
Eight Seconds
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
April 2012
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Western Romance

Danielle Mallory hates rodeos, especially bull riders. Funny how life has ways of making people eat their words. She learns that lesson well when she comes face-to-face with the bull rider J.C. Evans that her heart still beats for.

J.C. Evans, a nationally ranked bull rider, has a hell of a reputation with women. His only regret: breaking Danielle's heart. Now he's determined to win her heart again, but it proves to be no easy task.

Danielle is quick-witted and sassy. Their sexual banter and teasing is fun but only fans the flames they have even more.

Realizing that life may never be the same, Danielle opens her heart and more to experience passion, sensually erotic sex, and most importantly the love she always wanted.

Book Review by CozyReader (reviewer)
Oct 09, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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When you truly love someone, you should always tell them the truth. No matter what, you should never walk away and assume something when it could be lies, just someone out to get revenge.

Danielle has been in love with J.C. for four long years but interesting how they truly never dated. Yes, they had one passionate kiss that ended with her heart getting broken. So, when she graduated college, she set her sights on going home for the summer, then moving on to a bigger city to start her professional career. Sure, her mind would at times wish for J.C. to ravish her but she knew that could never be, he made that very clear the last time she saw him.

Her best friend Stacey invited her to the rodeo because she wanted to see her boyfriend; she never thought she would run into J.C. there. He ended up being Stacey's boyfriend's brother. She could not believe when she turned around to greet him, that his deep blue eyes were on her, ready to ravish her.

J.C. can't believe that he is staring at Danielle, the girl he could not stop thinking about. Now she was no longer a girl but a hot woman that made his body hum in arousal. He tried to charm her with his cocky smile that would usually melt woman but on her his charms did not work. He knew which buttons to push and he would push them just to irritate her. He loved making her mad. He knew early on that he was in love with her but he had to make her see that. He was done with the bull riding and the womanizing. He had plans for his future and he wanted Danielle with him, always.

Danielle's mother gave her some motherly advice and she basically told her to go with her heart and take a chance. Danielle planned to do just that when she attended their family picnic. She finally gave in to her love for J.C. and gave herself to him body and soul. Only, something happened that left Danielle heartbroken, and once again she ran away from J.C with no explanation.

EIGHT SECONDS is an entertaining love story, humorous and at times frustrating. The romantic development is something that left me longing for more. The relationship between these two is definitely hot and cold but the sexual frustration between both Danielle and J.C. is scorching hot. The one character that just made me laugh was Will, J.C.'s little brother, because of his Austin Powers comments like "shag", "have you lost your mojo".

Danielle really stood her ground but the part that I loved the most was when she and Stacey got caught skinny dipping and they both got out naked and went towards the person that was holding the flashlight to conceal their identity. She was a true spitfire. Danielle and J.C. both had to figure out their feelings for each other and decide what they truly wanted in life and, just maybe, they would not figure it out too late that they were made perfect for each other.

EIGHT SECONDS had me turning the pages nonstop and wanting more than anything to see Danielle and J.C. together. Read this book today and see how J.C's charms broke down the wall Danielle tried so hard to keep up.
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