Riding with Heaven

Riding with Heaven
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Loose Id
Release Date
June 2012
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

When his flight home for his brother's birthday is canceled due to a Category 5 hurricane on the Eastern seaboard, art major Evan McGrath places an ad on Craigslist for a rideshare from Colorado to South Carolina. He hadn't expected an immediate reply, nor had he expected to fall head-over-heels for the handsome and mysterious driver, Lucas Briscoe.

As the miles disappear behind them Evan grows more and more attracted to the enigmatic Lucas, and the desire is mutual. The only problem is that a serial killer dubbed "The Domino Slasher" has just escaped a federal prison transfer, and funny little coincidences keep pointing toward Lucas – who looks like Heaven incarnate, but who could be the Devil in disguise.

Book Review by Valentina Heart (author,reviewer)
Aug 10, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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If you're looking for a sexually charged road trip story, you just might stop right here and take a look at RIDING WITH HEAVEN. A couple of guys who tend to devour each other with just a gaze and a questionable sense of humor make this story a much better read than the first book I read by this author.

Evan's plans to visit home for his brother's birthday changed due to a hurricane and cancelled fights which leads him to placing an ad and a hot hunk answering. Lucas is on vacation and by chance going to South Carolina. They share a ride and slowly end up on a path that involves much more than Evan was prepared for.

As a counterpart, there is a serial killer on the loose and Lucas is basically doing everything to make Evan suspicious of himself with every radio broadcast they hear and every secret phone call he takes.

This is a romance mixed with a bit of mystery and while both had some very good aspects, the overall realization of the plot could have been better. I loved the beginning of the book which was filled with charming situation and witty comments. It truly amused me and I wanted to know more about the guys. However, as the author developed the story more, I noticed that the characters just didn't fit in their set roles for me. They were portrayed as if both of them had two very different sides to them, and in a story as short as this one I didn't manage to connect the two halves of each character.

Another thing you can expect with this story is lack of explanation. It's nothing drastic, but some details when it comes to the mystery and the whole paranoid road to its conclusion were filled with quite a few loose ends. I actually liked the confrontation scene and thought it was very well done, but this was still a pretty random action moment thrown into a secretive romance.

The ending honestly didn't live up to my expectations. I did expect the happy ending, which we do get, but the easy way everything worked out was again out of character and terribly vague.

This is an easy read and by no means bad, so if what you need is a few hours of fun, take a chance, but if you're expecting something deep or well worked through, you might want to keep looking.

Disclaimer: The reviewer is also a published author with Loose Id.
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