Tarnished Knight

Bec McMaster
Tarnished Knight
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Bec McMaster
Release Date
April 2013
Steampunk Romance

After a vicious vampire attack left him struggling to leash the dark urges of the craving virus, John ‘Rip' Doolan, thinks he's finally starting to master the darkness within. The only thing that threatens to shatter his hard-won control is Esme, his closest friend and the only woman he's ever wanted. If the stubborn beauty ever realized precisely what was going through his mind, their friendship would be ruined…

For six months Esme has waited for Rip to recover and take her as his thrall, not daring to hope for more. Too afraid to put her heart on the line, she is devastated when Rip reveals that he never had any intentions of making her his.

But when a savage gang of Slashers start causing havoc in Whitechapel, Rip and Esme have no choice. They must face up to the depth of the passion that burns between them and forge a new relationship… or risk losing each other forever.

Book Review by Ashia (reviewer)
May 13, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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TARNISHED KNIGHT is a short, angst-filled novella in the London Steampunk world.

Esme and Rip started out as friends, but when Rip became a blue blood, he started drawing away from her, not wanting her to be obligated to offer him her blood. Esme misunderstood his actions, and things came to a head with some help from Blade and the Slasher gang, when Esme was kidnapped and about to lose her life...

One thing about Esme--though she's human, she didn't let that stop her from fighting for her man. Literally. She may not have any fighting skills, but that scene at the Slasher's "lab", you have to admire her ingenuity and resourcefulness.

It's a great, quick read, and the author did a wonderful job drawing out the tension between the main characters for almost the entire novella.

There's also a fascinating glimpse into Lena's decision to become a debutante and the events that lead up to Book 2, Heart of Iron. Nonetheless, if you didn't read this part, as I didn't before starting book 2, you wouldn't have any problem becoming immersed in Heart of Iron, as the author explained things clearly.
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