Three-Part Harmony

Angel Payne
Three-Part Harmony
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Release Date
July 2012
Book 1 of The Kinky Truth
BDSM, Erotic Romance

Dasha Moore commands the world's stages as one of pop's reigning stars, but finds her ultimate joy at the feet of David Pennington, as his willing new submissive. In one night, her charismatic career manager becomes the Dominant of her body as well -- and the owner of her heart.

David is blown away, in all the good ways, by discovering D's submissive streak. He can't wait to brand her deeper with his domination, but a lunatic fan has other, deadly plans for Dasha.

Consumed with keeping Dasha safe, David gives the FBI a full-access pass for their investigation, headed by Special Agent Kress Moridian, a guy with an unnerving protective streak. David's initial instincts about Kress are accurate: the agent is another Dom, and his definition of "full-access" includes Dasha herself. Being shared with Kress is a new tune for Dasha, but she finds herself loving its rougher strains -- and she begs David for their three-part harmony again.

But while her Doms make her body sing, Dasha's heart and soul are torn. And what will happen to their song when they finally find the madman who wants her dead? Worse: what happens if they don't find him?

Book Review by Vixhen (reviewer)
Sep 03, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Dasha Moore is the world's favorite pop star of the moment. She feels at home on stage, surrounded by her adoring fans. One would think she had it all. However, something is missing. She has had her eye on her manager, David Pennington, for some time now. She's always wondered if he felt the same spark that she did. In a moment of "what the hell," she lets David know her desires. He's not only taken aback, but he's also up for the challenge.

David is a Dom who has only dreamed of one day making Dasha his willing submissive. Dasha is quickly thrust into a world where all her erotic dreams come to life. Everything is going along well until her life is threatened in a major way.

Enter special agent Kress Moridian of the FBI, who finds himself taken with the sultry Dasha. It's apparent that both he and David are on the same page when it comes to not only protecting but dominating Dasha. Being shared by two extraordinary Doms leaves her body ablaze and her heart feeling things she never expected. However, there is still an unseen enemy who wants to cause her harm. David and Kress will stop at nothing to protect her, but will they be too late to save the songbird that has changed their lives?

This book was really well written with strong, likeable characters. However, I found the plot a bit lacking in the suspense department. I wanted there to be a bit more drama during the big reveal of who wanted to cause Dasha harm. I enjoyed the development of the relationship between the three main characters even if it did seem a little rushed. It almost felt like there were some parts of the story that were edited out.

Where Ms. Payne excelled was in her depiction of a BDSM relationship that was more than just sexual in nature. Once the relationship was established between the three characters, I became completely invested in it. There was heart and passion in every scene they had together. I especially loved the ending of this book. I would hope to see how Dasha, Kress and David develop after this book. It's not every day one can make a three-way D/s relationship work. However, Ms. Payne made it seem very possible.
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