Desire for Dinner

Torri D. Cooke
Desire for Dinner

Amazon Kindle
Release Date
August 2012
Book 1 of Carnal Cuisine Sexy Snax
Erotic Romance

This story is the first in a series of erotic romance shorts that speak to the sensual pleasures in life. Good food, fantastic sex, and travel to exciting locations are all things to be enjoyed and appreciated. In writing these stories, I call upon my real life experiences in the food and beverage industry and my travels around the world. Recipes given are original and the result of my many years of culinary adventures. The erotic parts of the book are explicit and oh-so steamy.. I hope my readers will find the characters believable and their emotional journeys satisfying


Restaurant critic Kelly Willet is delighted to find her favorite `bad-boy'chef getting ready to board the flight she's taking to her summer home in Maine in this erotic romance short. When Carson Davis admits to his fear of flying Kelly is more than willing to `take control' and keep his mind on something in exchange for a dinner date. But Kelly has more than just a desire for dinner with the handsome chef. She's ready for a feast with Carson that's more than mere food.

Contains "recipes for romance"--a short collection of scrumptious dishes featured in the book. Because satisfying the appetites is what Carnal Cuisine is all about. Cook up something spectacular for those moments (before or after) that you just have to come up for air!

Content warning: Adult scenes with explicit descriptions of sexual acts. Over 18 readers only.
Recipe warning: Tempting concoctions are not for those on a celery and water diet. Read at your waistline's risk!


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