Irresistible Knight

Tierney O'Malley
Irresistible Knight
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eXtasy Books
Release Date
March 2012
Book 2 of The Knight Brothers
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Lawyer/FBI Romance

Sleep deprived, Bors Knight thanks his stars for the moment he decided to help the vanilla-scented Taylor Monte Carlo cross the street. She's in need of a place to stay and his ticket to finally nail the man he wants to throw in jail. Not one to let go of a good opportunity, he offers her his newly built home. Taylor, however, has made matters complicated. She occupies his room, covers his windowsill with her rock collection, disturbs his quiet morning with beautiful music, and then…crawls inside his heart.

Taylor wants only one thing—to keep her father from ending up in jail. Her problem is solved when she meets the funny and delicious looking hunk Bors, whose father happens to be a judge. He offers to share his home, his secret cove, and show her blinding and all-consuming passion she has never known. In a very short time, she learns to trust Bors with her secrets. All is good until a man holding a gun, Hollywood style, blows his cover—an FBI agent bent on sending her father to jail. In love, Taylor finds herself between two men she can't live without. But whom should she chose?

Book Review by CozyReader (reviewer)
Oct 02, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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IRRESISTIBLE KNIGHT is a sweet love story between two people that have different views about one person—her dad. But she doesn't know that the person she is falling for wants to put her dad behind bars to rot for what he has done to many young girls.

Taylor leads a life in hell. She does not know what it is to be free. Since the moment that she and her mother moved to the US from Italy to be with her father, she was locked up in a house that her dad had for them. Then her mother committed suicide and that was when she became defiant against her father. Stubborn, she was able to get her bodyguard to help her escape one day, but she had no idea how or where she would go. She ended up in the San Juan Islands, where she met a guy that stunk up the clinic lobby where she waited to get seen for her sprained ankle.

Bors had one purpose and that was to get enough evidence to put Congressman Jean behind bars for the rest of his life. Congressman Jean ran a human trafficking ring where he sold young girls to other high-powered men. Bors hurt himself during a stake out and decided to go see his brother Dr. Tristan and get treated because he did not like hospitals. While he was there, he found himself admiring a beautiful woman who was not taken by his charms. He could not believe that she was calling him a troll. I totally loved it.

When they finally meet again, she has no idea that the judge she seeks to speak to is his father. Bors also does not let Taylor know that he is a federal agent and wants to put her father behind bars. He believes that she might be his mistress, so he vows not to become close to her. But he has feelings for her that can't be denied any longer. Soon he finds out the truth and he knows that her father will never give up finding his daughter. Will she be able to turn in her father? Will Bors be able to put her father behind bars?

IRRESISTIBLE KNIGHT is the second book in the Knight series and can be a read as a stand-alone story, but if I were you, I would read the first book. In this one, I could not help but laugh at how naïve Taylor was. I loved how she was able to speak her mind and didn't care what Bors thought. She was an amazing character—emotionally strong, so loyal to her father. She really thought she could save his soul, but he had broken the law and he had to pay. Now Bors was a man that knew he was good looking and irresistible to women. They complement each other well, and even if Taylor is trying to be independent, they both know what they want and will find a way to get it. Ms. O' Malley definitely knows how to write a great romance story with a little twist.

Pick up IRRESISTIBLE KNIGHT if you are looking for a hot love story. The Knight Brothers will leave you wanting more.
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