Ash Penn
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Loose Id
Release Date
September 2012
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ

Closeted eighteen-year-old Steve Chiverton's fantasy boyfriend is Beau Mason, a quiet and reserved older man who lives on the edge of the village. A man who barely knows Steve exists. Amateur artist Beau's fantasy is Rick Angell, international rock star and the fuel of many an erotic dream.

Temptation is the hottest club in town, and Steve's there looking for a boyfriend who can tear down his walls of secrecy. Beau's there too, looking for indiscriminate sex to ease the pain of a broken relationship. When Beau suffers a minor asthma attack, Steve sees his chance to play rescuer and jumps at the chance to escort his fantasy home.

The sex they enjoy is more intense than Steve's virginal imagination could ever have supplied. Beau is everything he could want in a boyfriend and far more besides. The unexpected arrival of Beau's ex-lover sends Steve's dream-come-true crashing around his ears. How can he possibly compete for Beau affections with Rick Angell, world famous rock star, public heterosexual and bedroom user of Beau's affections and body?

Book Review by Lana A (reviewer)
Nov 17, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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SNOWFLAKE is for fans of drama who don't mind cheating.

Beau is the secret lover of Rick Angell. He does anything for his lover—change cities, give up his friends to move because of his lover's paranoia that someone might have seen them together and forgive him his various flings on his tours. He is financially dependent on his lover, which probably doesn't help him develop any healthy self-respect. This is how he comes to live in a small village, where he has no friends, in a nice house paid by his lover, with only his dog as company.

Steven is 18, gay but since the one he is interested in doesn't seem to be available, he sees no reason to come out, especially since he sees how his father reacts to Beau. He is shy and doesn't have a high opinion of himself, so the beautiful Beau does seem out of his reach, especially when he hasn't managed to sound anything but stupid in his presence.

When Beau's rockstar lover decides it's time to get married, that's the one thing that Beau cannot overlook, especially, when he finds out Rick got the girl pregnant as well. In a club out to celebrate his birthday, he is helped by shy, bumbling Steve, whom he has wrongly thought to be a bully.

Steve and Beau spend the night together and of course that's the time Beau's ex-lover makes an appearance to win Beau his own way.

I thought Beau would be a doormat and he was but he did get better. The story is well written and the plot easy to follow. It's an entertaining read but then there are the characters and I'm very ambivalent about them. Honestly I'm not sure if such a douche bag like Rick, who is so sure of himself and self-centered, can be lovable. Rick was a bit over the top bad guy. Cheating is one thing but he honestly didn't see anything wrong with it. His attitude was too much. I get that he is the antihero but that aspect was overdone. I couldn't fathom what anyone with a brain and a grain of self-respect could see in such a person, let alone stay with him for years!

Most times in the book I found myself wanting to shout at Steve and Beau to show some courage and do something, talk back and defend oneself, which they don't really manage until the last and that is frustrating.

On the plus side, Steve actually did find courage to come out to his parents but I would have loved to see that and how his relationship with Beau developed and not just have been told in an epilogue that his coming out had happened.

Also, the relationship between Beau and Steve develops very fast, as in one day fast, which is not quite believable on Beau's part and I really wished it was explored more. They had some misunderstandings and Beau was not interested in Steve, so it's hard to believe that all is changed after some great sex and they live happily ever after.
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