The Discreet Lesbian (Episode 2 in the Mandy Series)

Mackenzie Stone
The Discreet Lesbian (Episode 2 in the Mandy Series)


Lanie Dills Publishing
Release Date
July 2013

Mandy walks a tight rope between heaven and hell as she struggles to live with her husband Scott just long enough for their son's adoption to go through. Then she can get a divorce from her cruel husband and she and Kathleen, the real love of her life, can take the boy and move to a big city where they can be free of Scott, their Southern Baptist families, and the self-righteous community where they live.

Out of the blue, Scott announces news that may give Mandy and Kathleen the time and opportunity they need to endure their perilous predicament long enough for their plans to come true.

Living the constant lie finally gets to Mandy. Relentless pressure from Scott unexpectedly forces Mandy to confess that she is in love with a woman. A confession, which causes an avalanche of life shattering events, ones that she is not sure can ever be overcome
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