The Discreet Lesbian: (Episode 3 in the Mandy Series)

Mackenzie Stone
The Discreet Lesbian: (Episode 3 in the Mandy Series)


Lanie Dills Publishing
Release Date
August 2013

Kathleen has a strange psychotic reaction to her father's death. Obviously crazy, Mary Crutchfield, Kathleen's mother, confesses to Mandy the forbidden sin that has plagued her family for generations.

In an effort to protect her family's reputation, Mary warns Mandy to stay away from Kathleen. She boldly unveils a cruel, insane plan that would separate Kathleen and Mandy forever. Now utterly alone and the only sane person left to fight for their relationship, Mandy vows to wait for Kathleen regardless of how long it takes.

Mandy struggles with small-town gossip and church-going lecherous creeps that begin to emerge from the woodwork. She experiences, first hand, the clout of the good ole boy system, which conspires together with her husband to illegally strip of her of everything including her baby boy.

Battered and disillusioned, but not broken, Mandy realizes that only she has the power to save herself and her young son. Unwittingly she breaks the law. Who can or will help Mandy now?

Mandy's plight reminds me of Jodi Picoult Sing You Home. Gay novels often deal with gross injustice, but this lesbian themed book exposes the ability of small town politicians to absolutely demolish a woman's life for no other reason other than she is in love with a woman.
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