The Discreet Lesbian: Mandy Episode 4

Mackenzie Stone
The Discreet Lesbian: Mandy Episode 4


Lanie Dills Publishing
Release Date
September 2013

By far the most exciting and powerful episode in the Mandy series to date, episode #4 takes you into the heart, mind and very soul of a young lesbian mother trying desperately to keep her young son. Her unwavering inner conviction that she is the very best person to raise the boy gives her the courage to battle her enraged and emasculated husband.

Scott, her husband, is relentless in his efforts to drag Mandy and their son back to Paducah, the small town where they have lived in KY and where he has amassed the power to crush her.

She basically had three choices: 1. Stay and fight for her rights as a mother knowing that at that time almost all cases involving lesbian mothers were lost. 2. Stay with her cruel cheating husband, faking it until their son was older. 3. She could go on the run hoping that the laws would eventually turn more in the favor of lesbian mothers. Mandy to chose the latter.

Mandy, being helped by unsung lesbian heroes crisscrosses the country in a last-ditch effort to keep her son and herself safe from her now politically powerful husband and the FBI. She and her new found lesbian friends do everything they can to avoid leaving a trail for the authorities. But Mandy herself makes the final mistake that puts FBI agents and her ex-husband hot on the trail.

Suffering pain that is unbearable, Mandy thinks she is defeated until she hears the commanding voice of her beloved Cherokee grandmother.

There is no injustice like that of the laws that wrongly separate a mother from her child while husbands that want only revenge stand by grinning over their legally sanctioned ability to destroy lesbian mothers.
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