Tarnished Souls 2: Fields of Gold

Dev Bentham
Tarnished Souls 2: Fields of Gold
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Loose Id
Release Date
September 2012
Book 2 of Tarnished Souls

dissertation and stretching his meager stipend by moonlighting as a closeted politician's houseboy. Their relationship used to feel like a real affair. Lately it seems more like a job.

It isn't until he meets someone decent that he realizes how corrupt his life has become. Pete is a tall blond farmer who charms Avi with his dazzling smile and his straightforward life. But even if he can believe this refreshingly honest man doesn't have his own political agenda, will Avi find the strength to emerge from the dark life he's chosen and find a future in the sun?

Note: This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable: male/male sexual practices.

Book Review by Lana A (reviewer)
Oct 09, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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FIELDS OF GOLD is full of surprises. I wasn't sure I would like this one as much as I had but I would recommend it for a contemporary read. It's a story about redemption and it left me with a smile, just the right novella to read in the autumn on cold, rainy days.

Avi is working on his dissertation; he has been for some semesters now, but now his professor gave him an ultimatum for a deadline or he would lose his teaching assistant job. Then his politician lover starts getting into some bondage play, which Avi doesn't want to be a part of, but then again he can hardly say no to the man, who is paying his rent and some expenses. To top it all off, he manages to injure his ankle in a bike accident, which brought him in contact with Pete.

Pete is everything Avi's lover is not—available, single, honest and caring. While Avi is upfront about his open relationship, after spending some time with Pete, Avi realizes that his secret relationship is not so secret as he assumed and that it might be the boy next door that would be the right choice for him. All things come to an end when Avi's politician lover—his married, secret politician lover—gets a blackmail SMS and suddenly things start falling apart. Was Pete as honest as Avi thought?

The story is nicely written, easy to follow and to fall into the story. Dialogues are interesting and believable. Characters…well, this might be the hard part. I would have liked to see more of Pete and I was disappointed that their relationship is not explored more. Avi is not a typical hero but he has his good points, even if he is a bit disillusioned when we first meet him. All in all, Avi does manage to intrigue me, to sympathize with him and to hope that things would work out for him and I think that's the important part.
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