SEAL of Honor

Tonya Burrows
SEAL of Honor
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Entangled Publishing
Release Date
June 2013
Romantic Suspense/Mystery

It's a good thing Gabe Bristow lives and breathes the Navy SEAL credo, "the only easy day was yesterday," because today, his life is unrecognizable. When his prestigious career comes to a crashing halt, he's left with a bum leg and few prospects for employment that don't include a desk.

That is, until he's offered the chance to command a private hostage rescue team and free a wealthy American businessman from Colombian paramilitary rebels. It seems like a good deal—until he meets his new team: a drunk Cajun linguist, a boy-genius CIA threat analyst, an FBI negotiator with mob ties, a cowboy medic, and an EOD expert as volatile as the bombs he defuses. Oh, and who could forget the sexy, frustratingly impulsive Audrey Van Amee? She's determined to help rescue her brother—or drive Gabe crazy. Whichever comes first.

As the death toll rises, Gabe's team of delinquents must figure out how to work together long enough to save the day. Or, at least, not get themselves killed.Because Gabe's finally found something worth living for, and God help him if he can't bring her brother back alive.

Book Review by Ashia (reviewer)
May 25, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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SEAL OF HONOR is a fresh, delightful take on romantic suspense.

Gabe Bristow was hired to lead a newly-formed ragtag team to rescue billionaire businessman, Bryson Van Amee. It didn't help that Bryson's sister Audrey wants in on the action, yet left with no choice, Gabe has to bring her along to help speak with the natives (he doesn't speak Spanish). Before he knew it, they were taken hostage by terrorists. Escaping by himself wouldn't be easy, but how is he to do it with a bad foot and Audrey in tow? Especially now that he's come to realize just how much Audrey means to him?

Tonya Burrows amps up the action on almost every page. From start to finish, it was one exhilarating, non-stop ride in this first book in the series. Great introduction to what promises to be a wonderful series.

I like both hero and the heroine, but especially Audrey. Like the heroines who wouldn't stay put when told to, she puts herself into danger, yet, she did have her redeeming moments later on, when she showed unbelievable courage and strength when facing certain situations.

What I like best about this book is that the points of view weren't confined to just the hero and heroine. Ms Burrows takes a risk in showing us certain scenes from some secondary characters' viewpoints, i.e. Gabe's teammates (who are sure to have their own books later in the series), but I think this contributed to the story, making it more rounded and complete, and showing us different facets to the main characters that enhanced our perceptions of them, like in the case of Quinn, who had been with Gabe together as SEALs. While this technique allow the readers to see the other guys' personalities and problems, this also makes the team appear more as a team, unlike in other books where the hero leads and his teammates merely serve as back-ups.

While the above is well and good, it did detract a bit from the main romance, as I would've wanted to see more scenes of Gabe and Audrey developing their relationship. Still, what this results to is that I can't wait to read the next books in the series!
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