Acting Out

Tibby Armstrong
Acting Out
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Tibby Armstrong
Release Date
August 2018
Book 2 of Hollywood
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ

What happens on the casting couch stays on the casting couch....or does it?

Jeremy Ash, out-and-proud Hollywood hopeful, has all the makings of a mega-star. If only someone would give him a chance to finally shine. One failed audition away from leaving Tinsel Town forever, he's given an unexpected shot at the buzz project of the year—a gay coming of age story by a famed director.

Kit Harris, former child actor, was once an industry darling. Now 21, he's lucky if his own mother remembers his name. So, when he's offered the chance to star opposite newcomer Jeremy in an edgy indie flick that promises to jumpstart his failing career, Kit's onboard. Theoretically. That is until he meets his too-attractive co-star.

During six months of filming, Kit gives Jeremy a crash course in how to be a Hollywood darling. Jeremy, in return, gives Kit a dose of the normalcy he's never known. Pursuing a long-term relationship is hardly the way to salvage Kit's career. But when being with Jeremy feels so right, how long can Kit continue to pretend he's only acting out?

NOTE: Acting Out is a previously published work, and is not substantially different from the original edition.

Book Review by Valentina Heart (author,reviewer)
Sep 26, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Need a bit of Hollywood in your life? Coming out among the stars, where pretty people are just as likely to stab you in the back as the next guy isn't any easier than in your kitchen spilling your biggest secret to your parents. ACTING OUT is a huge project where ‘humans' turn into their star personas and the famous show their human side.

Jeremy just needs a chance to set his life straight, to let go of the past, and standing in line for an audition among the other sorry individuals is anything but confidence building. His secrets come to light later in the story, but as a start we get a somewhat insecure and shy young man with loads of potential and this one sudden break in life. He gets the part in a gay movie where he meets Kit, a star full of himself who was raised among the famous and acts just the part.

The tension between them is amazing for the movie, where they grow to feel exactly as the characters they are portraying and face the demons from their own lives. Jeremy takes the brunt of it as he deals with love in the making and his old, still bleeding scars, but Kit is the one drifting without any anchor, lost in his newfound feelings and scared out of his mind for his own fame.

The guys are some complex characters who know how to love and how to ‘love' and while their road is far from smooth, during the whole story I got the feeling that they could handle it. My deciding point happened quite early as I read chapter one and right away knew how the story would end. Half the rating of a book for me is the anticipation. I like to travel the road with the characters and be surprised, share their heartache and experience their ups and downs. Chapter One stole that from me, and to spoil it further, it ended with a cliffhanger that haunted me during the rest of the book.

It was hard to appreciate Jeremy and Kit's story slowly maturing into something strong when I knew in advance what their big rift would be and couldn't wait to get to the resolution. My preference aside, ACTING OUT was my first book by this author, and I was pretty much amazed with the quality of the writing. I love the easy flow of the words and the beautiful descriptions that kept my attention even when the story itself didn't.

This book is a standalone but there is a book before it which stars Greg and Aaron, side characters in ACTING OUT, as well as a third book with the same characters. Some might want to start from the beginning and fully enjoy this series because even this one is a good book which will appeal to many. In any case I recommend Tibby Armstrong for the talent, which isn't something you should miss.

Disclaimer: The reviewer is also a published author with Loose Id.
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