Oleander House

Ally Blue
Oleander House
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Samhain Publishing
Release Date
April 2007
Book 1 of Bay City Paranormal Investigations
Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Paranormal Romance

Putting his life and sanity on the line—for a man beyond his reach.

Bay City Paranormal Investigations, Book 1

Sam Raintree's experience with things he can't explain isn't the only reason his new job as a paranormal investigator is a perfect fit. His coworkers, preoccupied with things outside the norm, will never notice he's gay.

Once he settles into his first investigation at Oleander House, his gay-by-stealth theory goes out the window. Not only is his unexpected attraction to group leader Dr. Bo Broussard painfully obvious, he can't hide his increasingly erotic and frightening dreams stimulated by the house's violent history.

Though Bo conceals his sexuality behind a wedding ring, mutual attraction shrinks the wary distance between them until the sparks ignite an electrifying encounter. Next morning, Bo's back in the closet and blaming his "lapse" on the house's unusual effect on Sam's latent psychokinetic ability.

In other words, a poltergeist made him do it.

Sam's outrage feeds a determination to prove Bo wrong—until the heat of conflict opens a door to the house's murderous past, unleashing a torrent of bloodshed and life-changing revelation.

Warning: This title contains explicit male/male dream-sex, cross-dimensional electromagnetic theories (mmm, that's hot!), intense violence, and language graphic enough to wake the dead.

Book Review by DH Starr (author)
Nov 02, 2010   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Oleander House by Ally Blue sets the stage, which begins a journey that spans five books. While each book stands alone as its own story, the inter-connections weaved from one book to the next make for what I can only describe as a gay, erotic romance, saga.

In Book One, the team is asked to investigate an old house, which is haunted. In their work, they discover that the house is not merely haunted, but a much more sinister force is at work which ultimately threatens the lives of all, and takes the life of one.

One of the aspects of this book which makes it a must read, and the series a wonderful compilation of stories, is Ally's ability to juggle a large cast of characters without losing them or the reader in the process. Each character has room to grow, develop and breathe, without taking away from the central plot of the story or the central love interest between Sam and Bo. As we get to know each character, we become their friends, caring about them, seeing their nuances, both positive and negative traits, and share in their emotional journey.

Along with rich characters, the book breaks from the typical erotic romance pattern by allowing Sam and Bo's relationship to develop over time as opposed to hooking them up within the first few chapters. The result of this slow simmering romance is you feel that you have ascended to the same heights of bliss as they have…yet fear the cataclysmic fall they may take as they continue to investigate in future books, each investigation more dangerous than the last.

Finally, when writing paranormal fiction, it is essential for an author to write in a manner that is believable enough for the reader to suspend their belief enough to go with the story and the plot. Ally not only achieves this task, describing the paranormal beings, the equipment used, and the entire atmosphere when paranormal activity takes place, but makes the action so believable that I almost believed this could possibly happen in real life…almost, I'm not a freak.

More than anything, a good story, no matter the genre, is one that taps into human emotion in a manner that captures the reader; that causes one to say, "I get that. I've felt that." As I flew through these pages, I found myself laughing and crying, angry and elated, experiencing emotions along with the characters with both empathy and sympathy. When I am brought on such a journey, I feel rewarded and satisfied by the end of the read; disappointed that the journey has ended.

This book, and the other 4 books in the series are outstanding reading from an author who is an extraordinary talent.
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