Pleasuring Lord Scoundrel

Natalie St.Clair
Pleasuring Lord Scoundrel
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August 2012
Erotic Romance, Historical Romance

The most notorious and most eligible bachelor in town is single! But not for long. Rhea Davenport, a disgraced, impoverished lady currently working as a governess has captured the eye of Nathaniel Worthington. He plans to make her his mistress in order to satisfy the fiery lust that is ignited every time he is near her. He knows she will be able to assuage his hunger but will she be able to keep up with his libertine lifestyle? Most importantly how will he react when he finds out the truth about his sexy mistress.

Book Review by Mary Chen (reviewer)
Jul 11, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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It is not the desire of any reviewer to put down a book, but in this instance, I fear my conscience would demand that I do so. From reading the back blurb of the novella, I had highly anticipated a fun governess-lord romance, but I was greatly disappointed.

The writing, to put it mildly, is not good. The misuse of proper punctuation made the book grating to read, even before I started to dislike the characters. For instance, the mysterious epidemic that killed off so many needed commas is quite cringeworthy. The abrupt beginning was meant to engage, but instead it only involved two characters into a situation without any explanation of setting, which I cannot say was done well as an opening.

As an erotica, the sentences failed to flow eloquently, which lessened what would otherwise be a sensual atmosphere. But most of all, the heavy amount of anachronisms in the writing heavily diminished the historical quality of this novella, and in my opinion, it was as if the author just randomly decided to write a Regency romance without doing any background research on the mannerisms and speech of the era.

A great part of the book is based on love scenes, which I would not mind if they were better written. The characters, Nate and Rhea, are likable though they lack any depth of character, so they are rather flat in a sense. Still, the plot twists were not bad, and for that, I would not give this book too low a rating, though I will consider carefully whether to read this author's books in the future.
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