Erotic Interludes

S M Griscom; Anabel Blue
Erotic Interludes

Amber Glow Books
Release Date
October 2012
Erotic Romance

REKINDLED by S.M. Griscom

Getting away from everything and spending their anniversary aboard The Coastal King, a lavish and expensive passenger paddle-steamer that cruises the Sacramento River, is just what Maggie and Tom need to spark some excitement into their marriage.

Little does Maggie know, Tom wants to turn up the heat in the bedroom and has far more tantalizing and erotic ideas planned for their long-awaited and well-deserved weekend. Hoping to rekindle their passion and ignite those abeyant feelings that have been preempted by the everyday pressures of life, kids, and jobs, Tom has some special activities planned that are sure to titillate Maggie's libido more than anything she could ever imagine.

POWER PLAY by Anabel Blue

Some say sex is power. But for L.A. architect Jeannette Monroe, sex was obsession, and obsession meant giving it all away. And there was no one Jeannette would rather give it all to than her lifetime crush, Malcolm McVee

McVee played for passion. Love was never part of the bargain, and now he has something Jeannette wants back. Will a night of sex and power bring obsession to its knees?


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