Edward T. Yeatts III
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Edward T. Yeatts
Release Date
August 2012
Erotic Romance, Romantic Comedy

Greg's just a guy telling his story. His marriage to Kelly and the years they enjoyed together. The great sex they had. The neighbors that moved in ... and joined them.

How involved can a couple become with another? Very, apparently. It starts off simple, with sex next to each other. Then there's swapping. Then fourways. And then Victor steps in.

What started off as a "male romance novel; all sex, no romance" is now a little more. Yes, "Sexcalation" is very much loaded with scenes of eroticism and blunt sexual talk, but there is also humor. It's funny. Ladies, if you're looking for some clues into the male mindset, this will help. Guys, there are even a few lessons and some sage advice, too.

"Sexcalation": lots of porn and lots of funny stuff, with some other things thrown in there, too.

Book Review by Lynn (reviewer)
Dec 10, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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SEXCALATION is Greg telling us the story of the escalation of his sex life (hence, sexcalation) from horny, curious preadolescent to horny, adventurous man.

Being told from the male perspective, this book is not the typical romantic novel. However, there is a warning to this fact right in the beginning, so no complaints about that. What I can say is there were times when I wanted the sex to stop so the story could continue. And I really did want the story to continue because it was honest and emotional. This story had me laughing a lot, mostly at the honesty of the sex scenes. In comparison to many romance stories which focus on the perfection of the sexual encounters, this story was not afraid to portray sex as sweaty, messy and sometimes awkward. This story also honestly portrayed relationship stress and hurdles and the importance of good communication.

In an effort to keep things spicy in their sex life, Greg and Kelly are constantly trying new things, in and out of the bedroom. They start with new positions, add in some experimenting with toys, and lightly experiment with Domination/submission. Greg wants every sexual encounter to be better than the last, to "sexcalate" to new levels. In come the neighbors, Claire and Tim. Over a period of time this fantastic friendship is formed, which then sexcalates into tandem sex, which then sexcalates into partner sharing, and more.

Again, the honesty really drew me into the story. There is a lot of discussion between Greg and Kelly about how far they are willing to go with Claire and Tim, and what the rules will be. And it is not just one conversation, but many, as their relationship with their neighbors grows and changes. There is a lot of exploration into the problems that can potentially arise from this type of relationship. Questions are raised about partner comparisons and emotional boundaries- all very real. The story is not all hot, fantastic group sex, although there is a lot of that! There are problems that arise that have to be discussed and tough decisions that have to be made.

The author did a good job moving the story along and introducing some well-placed teasers to keep the reader interested. The characters and their stories were developed well, and the relationship challenges they faced can be related to, even by those who are not involved in a four-person relationship. Without giving anything away, I will say I was surprised, and a little upset, with some unexpected turns of events at the end of the story. Overall, a good read with some hot sex and some sage relationship advice.
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