The Marrying Kind

Ken O'Neill
The Marrying Kind
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Bold Strokes Books
Release Date
June 2012
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ

Wedding planner Adam More has an epiphany: He has devoted all his life's energy to creating events that he and his partner Steven are forbidden by federal law for having for themselves. So Adam decides to make a change. Organizing a boycott of the wedding industry, Steven and Adam call on gay organists, hairdressers, cater-waiters, priests, and hairdressers everywhere to get out of the business and to stop going to weddings, too. In this screwball, romantic comedy both the movement they've begun and their relationship are put in jeopardy when Steven's brother proposes to Adam's sister and they must decide whether they're attending or sending regrets.

Book Review by Valentina Heart (author,reviewer)
Nov 21, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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I should start by saying I feel bad for not liking this book. It's true, I hate writing this review because there is talent and wit and romance and everything else you might want in it; it was just a terrible book match for me.

It's a story about Steven and Adam and how they couldn't have what all straight couples could. After years together, there came a breaking point for Adam, a wedding planner, who had to watch the happiness in other couples and couldn't organize that same moment of happiness for himself. The story is told from Steven's point of view and trust me, he has a lot to say. At least when it comes to his inner thoughts and memories. The real mess ensues once Adam's sister and Steven's brother decide it's the perfect time to get married, and Adam refuses to both plan as well as attend the wedding.

This really is a great book. The author managed to keep up with all the mentioned characters, and there were a lot of those. He kept track of the memories and the current story, connecting it all into a big, funny as well as important whole. I understood Adam, and admired him for his determination. I could definitely see how he could get sick of it all and how sometimes you do want a bit of the world for yourself.

My rating as well as dislike is completely personal. The cultural difference was so big I didn't understand half of the references and couldn't relate to a lot of the jokes. What didn't fly by me that way hit on the age note, where I simply don't have enough years on me to remember other mentioned points. I usually dislike the trips down the memory lane and this book was full of them. I did like them on occasion, because the author really did write a funny book, but more often than not the history pulled me out of the story and I needed a bit to come back on track.

All that said, I picked a rating that's somewhere in between my dislike and the great quality of this book. It is something that should be read both because of the great message this books holds as well as the fact that we all need a good laugh once in a while.
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