Pride and Politics

Daisy Harris
Pride and Politics
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Siren-Bookstrand, Inc
Release Date
August 2012
Book 6 of Men of Holsum College
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ

Aloof and arrogant, Holsum College Junior Hunter Ford has enjoyed all the perks of being from one of America's most prominent families. Hunter can have anything he wants—except time away from his family's political spotlight and the image consultant hired to keep him there.

Steve's job is simple—make Hunter toe the line for the duration of his uncle's vice-presidential campaign. This is the break Steve's been waiting for and a chance to provide a better life for his deaf sister. But he didn't count on an attraction to the broken scion—one that rearranges everything Steve thought he knew about himself.

As Steve melts Hunter's icy exterior, the heat between them threatens more than just their hearts. Then a ghost from Hunter's past shows up on the campaign, challenging Hunter's stability, and straining Steve's ability to defend and protect the man he's growing to love.

Book Review by Valentina Heart (author,reviewer)
Oct 10, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Hunter's story is finally here and let me tell you, he's someone very different from the man we've had a chance to meet in two previous books.

This time the story steps away from the confines of the campus and follows Hunter's uncle on his vice-presidential campaign. As an openly gay man in an influential family, it's Hunter's job to present the best picture of his uncle, a man who voted against gay marriage and who needs all the votes he can get. His relationship with his family is anything but casual, and the pressure of never showing vulnerability led Hunter to a mistake that attracted the negative side of the media.

As a result he is given a handler, Steve, whose job is to keep Hunter in line and make sure he avoids any type of bad publicity.

At first they can't stand each other. Steve is everything Hunter is not, both visually as well as when it comes to upbringing, and he doesn't handle Hunter's coldness all that well. But as the pressure on Hunter increases, his shields and icy exterior starts to crack, and suddenly there is no one he trusts more than Steve to be there for him.

While the setting is different, this story has the same charm as the rest of the series. The men are hot, what they get on to in bed is sexy and the story is interesting enough to keep you engaged. I actually thought this one was a bit more interesting plot-wise, simply because it's not every day that we read about the little details related to politics.

What didn't work for me was the relationship. It started off good, two opposites, a lot of baggage and mutual attraction no matter how much they denied it. What I didn't feel was the flip from mutual dislike to enough trust to begin something substantial. There was also another flip that happened later on, that really made no sense to me and while I liked this story, I didn't really connect with it.

So here you have it, book six in Men of Hollsum College series. It has something new, plenty of old and if you've met Hunter in previous books, you will definitely want to see him in the new light. But mind you, don't just disregard Steve, there is a hunk hiding behind that serious exterior. You might want to meet him.
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