The Leader

Laura Tolomei
The Leader


eXtasy Books
Release Date
February 2012
Book 4 of Virtus Saga
Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance, LGBTQ, Ménage or more, Paranormal Romance, Paranormal with Romantic Elements

The Leader is the fourth chapter of the Virtus Saga and picks up from where Book 3, The Festival, left off, with Duncan Caldwell, Christopher Templeton and Ylianor Caldwell separating. The book starts with Chris's return home to Fair Haven and his making peace with his family after an estrangement lasted for several years. Then he and his father, James, return to the Hall where Templeton Sr. will announce his retirement to leave his seat to his son. On reuniting with Duncan, Chris realize the leader is ready to acknowledge his love for Ylianor, a feeling he had harbored for a while without being able to give it the proper name. Chris also reveals that he erased the prince's memory of all traces of Ylianor when teenagers. The revelation is all the more upsetting since Duncan is not under Virtus's control anymore. Ylianor, instead, has not returned to the Hall. The night Chris returns, Duncan has a dream in which he searches for her without being able to find her. On waking up, he knows he has to run to Harbor Town and save her because she's in grave danger. With Chris, he runs to her to find her prisoner of Virtus. After he rescues her, he declares his love for her and promises to wait until she's fully recovered before taking her back to the Hall. The three of them need to return together. Duncan has to be fitted as leader in the ritual ceremony known as the Fitting. Chris and Ylianor are to be sworn in the High Council as its two new members. But relations are strained, and they will continue to be so until Chris accepts Duncan's love for Ylianor and moves his first tentative steps toward establishing a deeper connection with her. But upon returning to the Hall and discovering that the Fitting also requires a pledge, things for the fiery angel become extremely complicated.


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